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Why We Invest in Global Missions

Evangelism one of our three non-negotiables This means we believe it’s our job as followers of Jesus to declare and demonstrate the truth of the gospel to help others begin a relationship with Jesus. This goal is so important that... Read More

Imagine Prayer Calendar

We have just announced our audacious vision through the Imagine Initiative. In order to see this vision become a reality, we are hoping to raise $10 million! Imagine is all about advancing the kingdom of God locally, regionally, and globally.... Read More

Try Being Unfair Next Time

Besides death and taxes, there’s one other certainty: human hearts aren’t prone towards mercy, at least not towards others. We’re greedy for personal justice from the moment we comprehend that something's unfair. She has more than me. He has something... Read More

Why We Lie

It’s safe to say we’re not always honest—sometimes we lie. Let’s at least be honest about that. And on top of that, we usually excuse these lies by maintaining that we don’t lie about the big things, just those little... Read More

5 Ways to Invest in Your Spouse Today

Marriage is a good gift from God that is celebrated in the Bible. Even if you haven’t been married, you can likely attest to the positive influence that a healthy marriage can have on the people surrounding them—from kids to... Read More

What’s Needed to Help Students Find Their Calling

This guest post was written by our High School Associate Director, Aaron Harder. For more information about our middle school or high school ministries and when they meet, check out QUEST and The Crossing. [symple_spacing="10"] [symple_column size="one-half" position="first" fade_in="false"] QUEST... Read More

10 Practical Ways to Value Others

God wants us to be people who live in constant respect of the value of other human beings. However, its easy to forget this truth when sitting in traffic, attending to an unruly child, or getting thrown under the bus... Read More

Is the Old Testament Still Important?

It makes up over half of your Bible, but what does the Old Testament really have to do with you now? It’s unlikely you’ve done a devotional from the book of Numbers lately. Even if you’ve read through the whole... Read More