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Is Anyone Too Lost For Jesus?

The story of Zacchaeus is surprising because it reveals Jesus’ priorities—and how different they can be from our own. Often, we can find ourselves in the position of the crowd, jockeying for Jesus’ attention and creating barriers for those we... Read More

Overcoming Fear of Sharing Your Faith

If you are like me, you hate doing things alone—especially if it’s something difficult or intimidating. Whether it’s starting at a new job or school, learning a hobby, joining a church, or moving to an unfamiliar place, we often desire... Read More

Go to Them.

Evangelism is not just one of the ministries of the church. It’s the central reason why the church exists. As long as each of us is here on earth, our job is to share the good news of God’s reconciling... Read More

Kingdoms and Comfort

When God’s people are faced with a black and white choice between siding with God or with men, the choice is clear. We might lack the strength of character or conviction to do what is right, but it’s not hard... Read More

What Will Worship Cost You?

In Matthew 2, we’re introduced to three men who were seeking Jesus. You may be familiar with them as "magi" or “kings", but we may better understand them today as magicians practicing astrology, attempting to understand the world through reading the... Read More

3 Prayers For My Son

My wife became pregnant in September of last year and we recently found out we are having a boy. So, as God wills, I will become a father in 16 weeks. As the initial shock of the big reveal subsided, I... Read More

Do You Want Jesus or His Gifts?

In the gospel stories, we see plenty of people who wanted something from Jesus, but the disciples were interested in something more than what Jesus can provide for them. This is not to say Jesus doesn’t provide us with good... Read More

Don’t Just Avoid Bad. Do Good.

During the six-weeks before Easter Sunday, many Christians choose to use this period of time as a way to spiritually prepare for the celebration of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. During this season, you’ll likely hear of people choosing to... Read More

More Than Fire Insurance

The Gospel has often been presented as a one-time decision that grants you your “get-out-of-hell-free” card; as that prayer, you once prayed that equipped you with fire insurance for eternity. If that’s what we believe the Gospel is, we’ve missed... Read More

The Not-So-Smart Phone

Will Cunningham, our Family Ministries pastor, is sharing his wisdom about parenting and relationships on a new blog, Fire at Will. You can read more of his responses on his blog