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Being Bible Driven // Part 1

Being Bible Driven // Part 1 In the weekly Mission Hills staff chapel, Craig Smith shared the above study. Below is a summary the highlights the main points of the video for the sake of brevity, but it is not... Read More

How to Develop Patience

We all want to grow the spiritual fruit of patience—or at least our family members want us to. Just like fruit on the vine, spiritual fruit doesn’t pop up overnight. It takes time to grow and cultivate patience, but—also like... Read More

Purchasing Power // The Ethics of Buying

Going to the store is an unconscious act for most of us because it’s so simple. Grab your wallet and your list and a short drive later, you’re wandering the aisles of your local grocery, home goods, or clothing store.... Read More

6 Questions to Ask Your Wallet

In James 5, James paints a pretty bleak picture of the rich oppressors. They denied others what they owed them, indulged themselves, and harmed those they could have helped. While James was not describing wealthy Christians, it’s still worthwhile for... Read More

How to Discuss Tough Topics

When was the last time you engaged in a discussion with someone you disagreed with? Our current culture is becoming more and more polarized and engaging in less and less dialogue. With each side creating an enemy of the other,... Read More

Being a Christian and an American

As Americans, we get to enjoy a great deal of freedom that others in the world can only imagine. Typically, we seek to enjoy the full extent of those freedoms, taking full advantage of the rights and privileges and leveraging... Read More

How to Transform Your Prayer Life

Most Christians want to pray, but they just simply don’t—myself included sometimes. And I believe most Christians really want to be passionate about prayer, but they just aren’t. Why is that? Is it because prayer is boring? At least that... Read More

10 Ways to Fight Arrogance

Arrogance is a tricky thing. It's hard to identify in ourselves, and it’s even harder to root out once we find it. Not only does our nature predispositions us towards arrogance, but our culture fosters it as well. From declarations... Read More

Seeking God in the Meantime

We all face them, those seasons in life where we feel like we are in between “promised-lands.”  Internally, we may feel like we lack any purpose or direction and this emotion can swell up inside of us, despite having full... Read More

What Motivates You?

When it happens on a court or a field, we call it “competition,” or between brothers and sisters it’s “sibling rivalry,” but when it happens in church—like in James’ church—we call it disunity. The infighting and dissension within James’ congregation... Read More