The wonderful aspect of the church, when properly understood, is that it’s not merely a physical structure we attend; rather, it’s a mission we actively choose to participate in. The church embodies the people of God dedicated to the mission of God, a mission that surpasses individual significance—a yearning we all share to be part of something greater than ourselves. Let’s delve into this concept together.

Hi, I’m Craig, and I enjoy addressing challenging questions with Bible-driven truths. Today, we’ll explore the question: What is the purpose of the church? Full disclosure: I’m a pastor, and my appreciation for the church evolved over time. As a kid, I didn’t love attending church, primarily because I didn’t grasp its essence or purpose.

The Church is a Mission

Like many, I initially perceived the church as a physical building where people gather to engage in religious programs. However, my understanding, rooted in the Bible, shifted. The church is not a place we come to; it’s a mission we choose to embrace. Essentially, it’s the assembly of God’s people working together to fulfill God’s purpose, which is to extend his influence into creation.

This purpose originates in Genesis 1:26-28, where God, in creating humans, designates them as His image or representation in the physical world. This concept ties into the idea that we are to extend God’s influence throughout creation. After Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, the primary means of accomplishing this purpose is by sharing the gospel, conveying God’s love, and the sacrifice of His Son.

The Church Brings Unity

The purpose of the church, then, is to bring God’s people together for mutual strengthening, encouragement, and equipping. This unity empowers us to go out and extend God’s influence into the world—whether by sharing the gospel or contributing to the order and betterment of creation.

The Church Inspires + Prepares

The church serves as a gathering point to inspire and prepare individuals to engage in God’s overarching mission, and it resonates with our innate desire to be part of something larger than ourselves. The church is not a place we attend; it’s a mission we actively choose to be part of, reflecting our intrinsic longing to contribute to a purpose greater than ourselves.

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