Life on Mission

Ep.3 | The Sights and Sounds of India

Hosted by Colin McFarland with Special Guests Jaime Meda + Olivia Schneider


  • Jaime Meda | How she was called to India and what led her to “step out in faith” | 1:19
  • Olivia Schneider | Answering His call to go  | 4:08
  • How God prepares your heart and your life to go be on mission with him  | 5:11
  • Initial reactions and wonder to a place you’ve never seen or understood | 6:37
  • It’s one thing to see pictures and read about something, it’s another to see it in person | 12:42
  • Prayer is such a powerful tool and way to connect | 18:01
  • Meeting someone where they are | Not asking them to come to you, but meeting them in their circumstances | 24:25



Often times we hear things in church like, “we are all called on mission” or, “everyone is called to ministry, only some to vocational ministry”. Which can be really intimidating for those that feel like they’re not gifted. But God wants all of us on mission with him. We don’t meet at church on the weekends, we are the Church wherever we go and we’re called to emulate His characteristics into all areas of our lives. We are each gifted in ways that He can use to serve others. It doesn’t have to be half-way around the world in India, it can be right in your own backyard! Make sure that you have your ears turned to Him and your heart open, so when you are called you can answer.


So often in our culture we’re told that service will run exactly an hour and we’re only going to do a few songs and that’s the extent of our corporate church time together. But we were created in God’s image with a heart to worship him. Worship him through tear-filled eyes as we raise our hands to the sky and plant our feet on the ground. Worship him through the art that we create, the songs that we write, the food we cook. We serve a creative and passionate God that loves when we lift up our innovative and inventive gifts that he’s instilled on each one of us, to him! Make a joyful noise to the Lord, don’t be ashamed but be strong in your identity through Him as you connect through your worship.


We hear it all the time. What are we really accomplishing when we’re only over there for a week on a short-term mission trip. The truth is, we’re changing eternity for people. Not only are you profoundly affected for the rest of your life, not only has your perspective changed but so has those of the people you worked with. When you come home and talk about the experiences you had abroad, the people you met, and the work you did over there you’re becoming an advocate for change. You are campaigning for the good works of that ministry wherever you go and who knows where inspiration will strike someone. When we proclaim the good works that people are doing around the world in the name of Christ, we’re continuing to be His hands and feet.


We are really excited to carry on with our Life on Mission Series. In this episode, we will be listening in on the team that was able to go over and serve with our partner in India in 2018. India is an incredible explosion of unfamiliar sights and sounds that really captivate the senses. Colin McFarland, our producer, who also lead this team, talks to Jaime Meda and Olivia Schneider about their time serving in an unfamiliar area, half a world away.

Listen in today as they discuss breaking down barriers, stepping out of your comfort zone, and developing relationships that are deep and wide with people that don’t speak the same language. God is moving in India in big ways and we’re blessed that you are a part of that.


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