Stops Along the Sabbath Journey

Week 2 – Breathe // Making Room for Sabbath

by Priscilla Shirer


  • Rest to remember | 9:34
  • Resist the urge to continue | 12:38
  • Sabbath is about surrender | 18:28
  • The Sabbath supports self-denial | 21:16
  • Where are you coming up empty? | 27:43
  • Sabbath is a day of joy | 29:45


1 | We rest to remember our freedom and to look forward in anticipation to when we will be fully free.
2 | In resisting we take an intentional stand to pursue the ways of the Spirit over the flesh and exercise our ability to say no.
3 | Sabbath is about surrender and trusting He will complete His work in us while we rest.
4 | Resisting the urge to continue requires self-denial and we look at how the Sabbath supports self-denial.
5 | We look at the boundaries that God put around gathering manna and Priscilla’s tie to our own lives; where are you spinning your wheels & coming up empty?
6Sabbath should be an anticipated day of joy.


Summary: Today we look at the Sabbath principle: resist the urge to continue. To experience Sabbath margin we have to stop something, to rest from something. Sabbath is about surrender, prioritizing God’s command to rest over our own agenda. And as we rest, we reap the benefits of increased intimacy with God and the resulting joy.

Big Idea: Resist the urge to continue

Scripture: Exodus 20: 8-11, Deuteronomy 5: 12-15


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