We live in a world full of uncertainty.

We worry if we’ll be able to have kids. Then, if we do, we feel anxious about how we’re doing raising them. We wonder if our personal finances will stretch enough to afford a house or our kids’ college or our retirement. A sudden change in our health or job situation leaves us questioning what the future holds. Our lives are crowded with things that make us feel insecure. As a result, we have a hard time knowing what to put our trust in.

But wouldn’t it be great if there was something we could count on? Or better yet, someone we knew we could trust?

Join us as we explore the seven signs Jesus performs in the Gospel of John. These miraculous signs provide living proof that he is the Son of God who has come to establish his unshakeable kingdom.


CRAIG SMITH | read his bio



John 2:1-11

We are starting a new series on the verses of John where he described the “signs” performed by Jesus. The first miracle performed by Jesus was at a small wedding in an unimportant place with average people surrounding him. Why would Jesus work a miracle in such a place? Join us for today’s sermon and learn more.





John 4:43-54

Guest speaker Geoff Surratt describes miracles as something so extraordinary that they can only be attributed to God. His sermon plots the attributes of miracles and what elements are the basis for them occurring, using the example of a man trying to save his son’s life by seeking Jesus’ help and pointing to how miracles always bring glory to God.


CRAIG SMITH | read his bio



John 5:1-15

We continue our Living Proof series looking at Jesus’ miracles in the gospel of John. Today we unpack the healing of a lame man on the Sabbath day, and the tension between mercy and morality displayed in this passage. You won’t want to miss this week’s powerful lesson!