The Freedom of the Sabbath

Week 1 – Breathe // Making Room for Sabbath

by Priscilla Shirer


  • Today’s Scripture: Genesis 1:24 – 2:3 | 4:50
  • Taking a 24-hour Sabbath | 10:00
  • Rest’s introduction at creation | 14:44
  • What Sabbath could look like for you | 16:10
  • When we stop, we trust that God is working when we are not | 24:01
  • Sabbath principle is the key to freedom | 25:27
  • Start with boundaries | 30:48


1 | We look at the things and areas in our life that we need margin in and how taking a 24 hour Sabbath will affect those areas.
2 | We look at rest’s introduction at creation as to why we still practice Sabbath today.
3 | As New Testament believers, each of our Sabbath practices will look different. We discuss some thoughts and ideas about what Sabbath could look like for you.
4 | Now we look at the first mention of the Sabbath in the 10 Commandments for the Israelite’s after they’ve been freed from 400 years of slavery. And how God uses Sabbath as part of his plan to retrain their slavery mindset to live into a new freedom mindset.
5 | We talk about the personal work of identifying areas of slavery mindset and how to start putting boundaries around them that help you create Sabbath margin.


In this episode, we covered Week 1 in Priscilla Shirer’s Breathe study. We start with a look at the introduction of rest at creation and how the Sabbath principle can move us from a slavery mindset to a freedom mindset.


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