Ep. 3 | Mike Petrelli and Dusting off your Bible

Hosted by Neil Eukel


  • A love and passion for sports began early on with golf and baseball | 1:57
  • How do you teach the duality of competition vs. “we’re here for something greater”?  | 4:30
  • The importance of a strong faith as you pour yourself into what you’re passionate about  | 7:38
  • When you’re pursuing new opportunities, make sure you’re not sacrificing what is important to you  | 9:37
  • What are the priorities in your life? Your actions will dictate those | 11:21
  • What intentional steps are you taking, to get outside of your comfort zone, to share your faith?  | 17:11
  • What advice would you give on leading your family, mentoring those younger than you, and modelling Christ?  | 25:21



Mike talks about growing up with two older brothers, and as the youngest brother, you want to be just like your older siblings. How many of us can relate to that? How often are we pushed into areas of our lives because our parents did it, or our brothers/sisters we involved in it? It’s important to instill confidence, creativity, and passion in your kids and those around you. God created each one of us individually, with a set of gifts and talents that are uniquely our own. When we push into those and own them, we’re becoming who God wants us to be and we’re honoring him through those talents that he gave us. So don’t be like anyone else, when God created you to be just that; you!


There’s an old saying:

If you don’t stand for anything, you’ll fall for everything.

And we, as Christians, know the true importance of that. As Mike was making his way to college, the point in our lives where we really develop our identity and discover, “who we really are”, he knew where to lay his foundations. When he laid out his priorities of not wanting to disappoint God and letting Him direct where Mike was to go, it laid the foundation for who he was to become. When God is calling the shots in our life, and directing our character development, and everything else in-between, it’s a guaranteed recipe for success.


Mike mentions a quote from a podcast he heard from Andy Stanely, paraphrased, that sounded something like this:

A real goal I have as a father is that I don’t want my kids to remember when they started to pray.

What an incredible impact we can have on our children. They must pursue faith on their own and grasp what their own personal relationships look like with our Heavenly Father above. But what values are we teaching our kids, what practices are we putting into their lives every day, that is modeling that behaviors for them? Are we teaching them, through our actions, what a healthy prayer life looks like? Are we modeling why effecting and meaningful quiet times are essential in our growth as Christians? The environments that we cultivate in our homes must make it irresistible to know our Heavenly Father intimately. 


Welcome back as we continue our Identity series here on Uncharted. This series is all about how people have experienced sports, recreational activities, or the outdoors in a significant way and how it’s played a role in their faith and identity. We’re really excited as today, we sat down with a good friend of the Men’s Ministry here, Mike Petrelli.

Mike currently splits time between being a husband, a father, and serving at Mission Hills Church on top of his full-time position of running the marketing department at The Club at Ravenna. Mike does an amazing job of walking us through what it was like transitioning from a life of baseball to a life devoted to Christ and the realizations he had along the way that lead him to where he is today. You don’t want to miss this one.

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