As women, we are all unique, and yet we share common ground as we navigate the calm and the storms that life brings. Whether single, married, young or old, we desire this podcast to be a companion on your journey, a reminder of the Anchor available in every season of life. Through stories, teaching, interviews and panel discussions we hope to be a source of strength, encouragement, and community.

Identity Ep.6 | Breann Fuller and Coming Back Home

Glad to have you back for another episode in our Identity series as we continue on, here on Anchor + Waves. This is a really exciting episode, as two extroverts rile each other up about Jesus. Colin sits down with Breann Fuller, a fellow Colorado State University Ram, a former collegiate swimmer, and current ministry junkie. Breann is full of joy and passion for the lord which you can almost feel throughout this interview. Colin and Breann talk about everything from what it’s like to get recruited, to dealing with injuries, to walking away from the Lord (because we ALWAYS think we can do it on our own . . .) and coming back to him with more fire than ever! If you’re sitting down when you start this episode, you won’t be by the end. Enjoy!

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Identity Ep.5 | Sarah Thoms and How Performance Stole Her Identity

In today’s episode in our Identity Series of Anchor + Waves, we hear from Sarah Thoms, a passionate wilderness adventure-taking soul! She and her husband, Brad Thoms (take a listen on our Uncharted podcast), work with Lifelines, a college ministry that brings young adults to Christ through the outdoors.

Originally from Estes Park, Colorado, Sarah grew up in a home full of sports and the outdoors. As she learned to keep up with her brother’s competitiveness, performance quickly became her identity. Learn how she overcomes performance by finding her true identity in Christ, and the impact her story has in relating to students as she works to be on mission with Jesus.

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Identity Ep.4 | Katie Declet and Playing with a Purpose

We’re really excited for today’s episode in our Identity Series on Anchor + Waves as we have two staff members involved! Wren, whom you’ve been listening to, interviews our very own Katie DeClet. Whether you know Katie from her days in the youth department, the care and counseling center, or on the sports field heading up our co-ed sports and rec activities, she has an incredible passion about her. Listen in today as she and Wren talk about basketball, the development of faith (and what it really means to own that) along with carrying on through something as we add purpose to journeys in our lives. You don’t want to miss this one!

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Identity Ep.3 | Jess Safer and Pursuing God First

On today’s instalment of the Identity series here on Anchor + Waves, Wren sits down with Jess Safer from the Mission Hills Church Dove Valley Campus. Wren and Jess connected over their passion for Volleyball and connecting athletics to reaching people who might not feel comfortable setting foot inside a church. They see competitive relationship building as a comfortable way to connect with those that maybe don’t necessarily want to sit down and develop a relationship face to face. Jess talks about her influences growing up in her faith and what it looked like developing as a Christian athlete, and a few pitfalls along the way. Listen in as Wren and Jess take us through finding out who you are through Christ, and owning that identity.

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Identity Ep.2 | Amy Parkins and Owning Your Faith

We’re glad to have you back for the next episode of our Identity series here on Anchor + Waves. Today, Wren interviews one of her best friends she’s known since childhood, a true gym-rat, Amy Parkins. Amy grew up in a conservative Christian household in Texas, where athletics were encouraged and your personal relationship with Christ equally as important. Wren and Amy let you listen in to some awesome childhood stories, what it’s like being a mom, and growing into your faith. Listen in today to their conversation as we’re able to peer into this exchange between friends. It’s like we’re back in middle school and we’re the third connection on the phone as they discuss which NBA jerseys were in fashion, the important decision to switch from hats to visors, and instilling Christian values to your children.

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Identity Ep.1 | Emerald Holden and Creating Legacy

Welcome to the first episode and interview from our Identity series. We will be releasing a new episode every Monday for the coming weeks here and we hope you love listening as much as we did capturing the stories here. Today, we have Wren Pauley interviewing Emerald Holden on to start things off. Emerald is a small town girl who grew up in Wyoming and passionately pursued running and the Lord throughout college and her adult life. Listen in today as she describes finding her actual roots while pursuing her passions and being a mom and a wife while maintaining her eyes on the end goal and filling up her passion bucket with what really matters.

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Welcome to Our Identity Series | Getting to Know Wren Pauley

We are so excited to bring to you a new series on Anchor + Waves called, “Identity”. This is going outside of what we’ve done so far, and we’re can’t wait to show it to you. This series is all about how people have experienced sports, recreational activities, or the outdoors in a significant way and how it’s played a role in their faith and identity. So over the next 9 episodes, we will be bringing you stories from athletes, outdoors-women, coaches, and everyone in between to inspire and encourage you to really lay a strong foundation in your faith that you can stand strong on. Listen in today as we get to know Wren Pauley and Colin McFarland, the two directors that will be taking you through this series.

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Life on Mission Ep.3 | The Sights and Sounds of India

We are really excited to carry on with our Life on Mission Series. In this episode, we will be listening in on the team that was able to go over and serve with our partner in India in 2018. India is an incredible explosion of unfamiliar sights and sounds that really captivate the senses. Colin McFarland, our producer, who also lead this team, talks to Jaime Meda and Olivia Schneider about their time serving in an unfamiliar area, half a world away. Listen in today as they discuss breaking down barriers, stepping out of your comfort zone, and developing relationships that are deep and wide with people that don’t speak the same language. God is moving in India in big ways and we’re blessed that you are a part of that.

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Life on Mission Ep.2 | Kelly McSparran in Peru

Welcome back for our second episode in our, “Life on Mission” series. Throughout this series, which will run indefinitely over the duration of this podcast channel, we will not only interview those going out on short-term trips. We will also be speaking with women who have lived abroad! We really love these stories because they are focused on spiritual growth, from those that are called to mission (as we all are)! Today, we hear from Kelly McSparran, our Communications Director here at Mission Hills, on her time in Peru. Kelly and her husband Ryan lived in Peru for a bit at the beginning of their marriage and learned lessons about being public with your faith, growing closer to God to solidify your marriage, and travel do’s and don’ts in an incredible part of the world.

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A Heart of Valor | Finishing Strong

We are so excited to launch our new series, “Life on Mission”. Craig Smith, our lead pastor, has charged the staff and congregation alike to live life on Mission with Jesus. It’s what we’re called to do! So, throughout the life of Anchor + Waves, we will be bringing you missional stories from our short term trips, our local partners, and our global partners alike! We will be focusing on what it truly means to serve, as He’s called us to do. In our kick-off episode here, we will be speaking with Jacque Carlson, Emerald Holden, and Karissa Kellerstrass about their recent trip to Colombia.

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