It is estimated that parents have 3000 hours of intentional time with their kids each year. The Kids Team knows that those hours are vital in the social, emotional, physical and spiritual development of your kids. In 2019, we want to encourage and challenge you to find rhythms in your home that are engaging, creative, fun and allow for natural conversations about faith and Jesus. Every month a staff member from the Kids Ministry Team will share an idea from their family rhythm that will guide you in making those 3000 hours a year a little more intentional. Join us each month by sharing how you incorporated the month’s challenge in your home. Post your family experiences to social media using #mhcfamilychallenge for chances to win prizes and encourage other families to join the challenge!


Let this be written for a future generation,
that a people not yet created may praise the Lord. | Psalm 102:18 (NIV)

Whether it’s story time at the library, listening to audiobooks on road trips, or even podcasts for me, we love to be told a story. It’s how family legacies and victories were shared for thousands of years. In today’s culture, we are faced with the need to be efficient in every moment of every day. But are we intentional? Are we present with those right in front of us? Do we take, possibly inconvenient, time to connect with someone face to face?

Part of mindful parenting is being present with our kids. We learn through our partners at ParentCue that Family Value #1 is to Widen the Circle. This emphasizes the importance of bringing other trusted adults into our kids’ lives to mentor them and speak truth. This month, in honor of Mother’s Day, help your child be present with a woman in your circle who is part of a prior generation. Sit down with Grandma in person or via facetime, visit a neighbor who now lives alone or without children at home, possibly take a visit to a local senior home/center and make a new friend. Help and encourage your child to ask them to tell them a story. Ask them to share their favorite time in life or a favorite memory. There is a wealth of knowledge to be passed down over a plate of cookies and a cup of milk.

Taking a tangible step, you can also help your child communicate what they heard by drawing a picture. They can use this familiar “All About Me” download, via the button below, or simply pick up their favorite coloring tool and some paper.

In a technology-centered world, it’s a valuable use of time to teach our children the importance of making eye contact, of talking face to face with others and appreciating the stories our seniors have to share. And, listening to others shows them they are loved- what a wonderful way to be on Mission with Jesus!