Ep. 11 | KIP NANNINGA and Answering the Call

Hosted by Neil Eukel


  • Moving a family and lifestyle from Austin, TX to Denver, CO | 1:30
  • What were Kip’s first steps into ministry, the origins of his walk with Christ, and his call to ministry | 2:04
  • How did God start to work through you in ministry? | 6:19
  • What lights a fire under you when someone is new to faith | 8:58
  • Keeping your family on track and being the Spiritual Leader of the Household | 13:26
  • Knowing who you are as an athlete, but residing in who you are in Christ | 16:27
  • Navigating the torrent waters of fatherhood to the next generation | We’re called to obey | 21:17



If we aren’t connected to our Father, and we’re not excitedly awaiting His voice, we miss out on a lot. We’re disconnected and unfulfilled. Throughout the interview Kip talks about answering the call; committing his life to Christ, going to the Bible Studies and doing his devotionals in college, pouring into his friends in college to make sure they’re strong in their walks. When we are actively listening, praying, spending time in the Word, we can hear His voice more clearly and we’re able to answer the call. The call, whatever it may be. Make sure you are connected to your Father, and you’re listening for Him in the quiet places.


Kip has an incredible focus on ministry. When we stand before our Father in Heaven, He won’t be handing out participation trophies for our works here on Earth. He will want to know is, who did we bring with us. We have been commanded to go out into all the world and make disciples, and that’s where Mission Hills Church gets its vision from. We believe that we are to become like Jesus, help people become like Jesus, and to join Him on mission. When you are pouring into others and discipling them, and really helping them on their faith walk, we are assured that He will stay faithful in us.


Kip does an awesome job giving us insight on what it’s like to raise kids in this current culture. He talks about the systems he puts in-place where his family is learning the Bible together. He sets up milestones for his kids to speak Biblical truth into their lives, that trumps whatever they may hear at school. He also really emphasizes that their True North comes from our Father. He is big on explaining why he and his wife are raising them to believe certain things, and walking them (sometimes tenderly, sometimes sternly) through that. As long as you are pointing your family towards the Bible as your only source of truth, then you are leading them in the correct direction. Kip says he doesn’t mind when his kids are upset with them because he is their dad, not their buddy. 


Today marks the final episode in our Identity Series here on Uncharted. We hope that you have taken away some helpful navigational tools for your journey with Christ through this series. If you missed any of the episodes in this eleven-part series make sure you go back and check those out. Also, here in a few short weeks, we will be launching a new series all about a modern application of the Bible, subscribe today so you don’t miss out!

Today, we sit down with Kip Nanninga. Kip has had an incredible journey from someone whose entire identity was wrapped up in a sport that he played, a passion of his, to someone whose life is devoted to full-time ministry. Kip is a wonderful father, husband, mentor, disciple’r, and from the stories, we’ve heard here, quite the basketball player. Listen in as today as Neil and Kip discuss growing in your faith, choosing the correct paths along your journey, and the sweet sound of your Father’s voice as He calls you home.

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