Identity Ep. 2 | Guy Beesley and Foundational Character

by Colin McFarland | Uncharted


  • Guy’s mom was the first one to plug him into sports and enourage him to reach his potential | 1:41
  • As a young man persuing two sports, how did faith “fit-in” to the picture?  | 4:30
  • The reliance on mentorship and guidance on life-defining decisions  | 5:57
  • When you’re pursuing new opportunities, make sure you’re not sacrificing what is important to you  | 9:37
  • God places different people in our lives at different mile-markers to bring us through what is before us   | 14:27
  • The importance of bringing Christ-like-characteristics into your family and household  | 18:51



Baseball is a great example of this. As Guy says, “Baseball is a team sport until it isn’t”. It solidifies a band of brothers around a common goal, by adding up individual efforts. We don’t all have the same philosophies, habits, or methods. But what we do have, is the commonality that pushes us towards achieving something together. When we focus on what we’re tasked with, and do that to the best of our abilities, the best way we know how we are able to push the team forward. By focusing on improving your individual efforts, and pouring into your teammates to ensure their success on top of yours, we come closer together.


Throughout our lives we face countless trials and tribulations. But, we are never alone in facing any of them. When the going gets tough, God often puts someone in our life to help us through. When we look back on our journeys we can see our paths littered with knowledgable guides, mentors, and friends. Mentorship and discipleship and so instrumental in our lives that it’s not something that God leaves to happenstance and chance. Focus in on where you are, what you’re going through, and who God has surrounded you with.


Welcome to the second episode of our Identity series here on Uncharted. This series is all about how people have experienced sports, recreational activities, or the outdoors in a significant way and how it’s played a role in their faith and identity. Throughout our lives, we ask ourselves, “Who am I”? We are constantly searching for meaning, relationships, guidance, and stability. And the one place we should root all of this is in Jesus.

Today, we sat down with Guy Beesley. Guy is a Colorado native with a unique perspective on team sports, mentorship, the great outdoors and what goes into leadership. Listen in today as we talk about picking up hunting later in life, plugging into Church, baseball in Holland and a myriad of other topics that you for sure don’t want to miss.

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