Being part of God’s transforming work in the world is the central purpose of the church—those who God has redeemed and brought together under his name. As a Christian, advancing God’s mission is not optional—it’s mandatory. Thankfully, God didn’t give us a mission without providing the provision necessary to accomplish his work. As Paul declared in Acts 17 to the people of Athens, God has appointed us to our places in history and our spaces in life (Acts 17:26-27). Where you are positioned—in your job, your home, and your relationships—isn’t an accident. Your positions are part of God’s provision to fulfill his mission for your life.

Don’t think this only applies to CEO’s and global ambassadors. It applies to you today, wherever you find yourself. Here are four positions that God can use in conjunction with your passions to fulfill his mission:

1 // Spouse

Without sounding too sentimental, God has placed you with your specific spouse for a purpose. Consider how the two of you can partner together in God’s mission. What skills and gifts do you each bring to your marriage? Has God provided you with a shared passion for missions? Or, do you desire to use your home as a place of hospitality together? Could you further your passion for healthy marriages by counseling young couples? As a byproduct of using your gifts and pursuing your passions together, your marriage will not just be a gift to you, but it will become a gift to the world.

2 // Parent

Both you and your children have skills, interests, concerns, and passions. Just like your spouse, your kids aren’t yours by accident—God intentionally placed you together. As God increases your concern for your kids, let it fuel your passion for exampling a life of faith for them each day. If you want them to become passionate about loving God and reaching out to the world, find creative ways to show them and involve them in these passions of yours. Don’t forget that your home is your first mission field.

3 // Neighbor

You might have chosen your home for it’s great curb appeal or the quiet neighborhood it’s in, but God placed you there to be on mission to your neighbors. Has God been growing a passion in you to reach out to people who don’t know him? Your neighbors are a great place to start. It doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy—just invite them over for dinner. Maybe you’re passionate about the senior community and there are senior adults just next door that you can begin a relationship with. Keep your eyes open for simple ways to be a good neighbor and watch how God transforms your life and others.

4 // Employee

Your job provides you with a paycheck and a position to leverage the gospel. In addition to the relationships you can develop through your workplace, there are other ways your position at work can help transform the world. The company you work for might have a charitable giving fund and you could suggest some valuable organizations for them to donate to. Or, you could help start a program that gives back to the community.

God has placed you in any or all of these positions through his sovereign planning. As he continues to develop passions in you, creatively consider these contexts and ask him how you can use those positions for his mission and his glory.