We can be honest with each other. Most of us consult our virtual calendars to determine our plans more often than we consult Jesus. Probably too many of our prayers involve asking God for his stamp of approval on our plans instead of asking what His will is so that we can help make it happen here on earth. In our fast-paced lives, we’d probably have to pencil God’s plans in weeks from now to even find space of him on our calendar. Even if that’s not true of you too, you likely still feel like the demands of the world—personal, work, family and more—and ever filling the spare spaces you do create to pursue Jesus.

Instead of our five, ten, and fifteen-year business and personal development plans, Jesus taught his followers to pray for today—for this day’s bread. In the same spirit, what would happen if we woke up each day and asked him, “Jesus, what do you want me to do today?” The answers might surprise you.

You will join his mission

Like the Apostle Paul who was stopped in his own mission and redirected to join God’s mission, if you ask God what he wants you to do, it’s going to be part of his mission to the world. This doesn’t mean you’ll quit your day-job, but that you’ll see every opportunity and ever interaction with people as a chance to share the Gospel and expand God’s kingdom here on earth.

You will see people differently

Jesus’ self-sacrifice on the cross and throughout his ministry shows us what he thought of others: people are to be loved and served. If we pursue our own plans, people can become obstacles in the way of our goals or leverage to help us achieve what we want. However, as we pursue Jesus’ plans, he will reshape our view of people because he’ll ask us to serve and to love through our actions and words like he did.

Your plans might be derailed

Maybe you’d be prompted to stop and talk with your neighbor for longer than you planned. Or, you might be directed to a different career choice—not to the one that makes the most money, but that will enable you to meet more people who don’t know Jesus. When we ask Jesus what He wants and pray for God’s will to be done, we’ll often need to lay down our plans to embrace the better plan he has for us instead.

You will become more like Him

Follow Jesus, do what he says, and you’ll become more like him. It’s surprisingly simple in concept, but admittedly more difficult in practice. It’s like the strength you gain from exercising—if you want to be stronger, you work out. If you want to be more like Jesus, you won’t just will yourself into transformation—you start with doing what he says.