As men, we often face uncharted territory and unfamiliar terrain in our lives. This can manifest itself in any number of ways in our lives – from unexpected circumstances to everyday events that we face. As we seek to grow into the leaders, fathers, friends, and mentors that God has called us to be, we can expect to be barraged with attacks from the enemy. That first step of a journey into the unfamiliar or unknown can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Through UNCHARTED, we are here to equip you with the tools you need to conquer the unexplored. We will look to those who have been there before to provide guidance to help us along the way.

Identity Ep.11 | Kip Nanninga and Answering the Call

Today marks the final episode in our Identity Series here on Uncharted. We hope that you have taken away some helpful navigational tools for your journey with Christ through this series. Today, we sit down with Kip Nanninga. Kip has had an incredible journey from someone whose entire identity was wrapped up in a sport that he played, a passion of his, to someone whose life is devoted to full-time ministry. Kip is a wonderful father, husband, mentor, disciple’r, and from the stories, we’ve heard here, quite the basketball player. Listen in as today as Neil and Kip discuss growing in your faith, choosing the correct paths along your journey, and the sweet sound of your Father’s voice as He calls you home.

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Identity Ep.10 | Patrick Cone and The Provisions of Our Father

Welcome back, Uncharted listeners, to Episode 10 in our Identity Series. Today, we have an old friend of Tyler’s on the podcast, Patrick Cone. Patrick is a former collegiate football player at Stetson University in Florida. Patrick now works our in Missouri at the Kanakuk Camps and is a strong follower of our Father. Patrick has an incredible walk with the lord and we can’t wait to bring you this conversation between him and Tyler. Listen in today as the guys discuss what it looks like to own your faith, the developments he’s had in his life and his faith journey and just what it truly means to lean into the Father through the toughest times.

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Identity Ep.9 | Dave Hippensteel and Being a Warrior for the Kingdom

We’re glad to have you back for another episode in our Identity series here on Uncharted. Today, we have a really amazing guest. This man embodies what it looks like to be a warrior in his sport as well as someone who puts on the Battle Armor of God every day. Dave Hippensteel is a Cross Fit Games Champion (60+ ’16, ’17, ’18) as well as a loving husband and father. Listen in today as Neil and Dave talk about what it looks like to train and be prepared for where the Lord calls you, keeping your mind and body ready as well as just a really cool look into the life of a true Man of God. You don’t want to miss this one. And if you’re looking for another fun episode, his daughter (Heather Hippensteel) is on our Women’s Podcast, Anchor + Waves this week for their Identity series.

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Identity Ep.8 | Colton Duffy and Leading By Example

We’re glad to have you back for another episode of our Identity series here on Uncharted. Today we have an awesome friend of the show on to talk about stepping into fatherhood, leading in your community, and what it’s like to hang up your spikes. Colton Duffy is a Colorado State University graduate down in the Denver area whom Colin played ball with for his last year in college. Colton has an amazing perspective on what it looks like to own your faith while leading by example. Tune in this week as we walk through what it looks like to be a strongly rooted man of faith.

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Identity Ep.7 | Will Cunningham and The Art of Storytelling

Welcome to another episode in our Identity series here on Uncharted. Today we have a very special guest, our very own Marriage Pastor from Mission Hills, Will Cunningham. Will is a true modern-day renaissance man in every sense. He is a gifted storyteller, a well-read Christian student, a loving father, grandfather, and husband as well as a brilliant camp counselor, among many other things. Listen in today as Tyler and Neil dive into Will’s upbringing in the Ozarks, his love for the great outdoors, and his unique perspective on mentorship and discipleship.

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Identity Ep.6 | Brad Thoms and Unconventional Mentorship

Welcome back for another inspiring episode of Uncharted. We continue our identity series with Brad Thoms. Brad grew up in Estes Park, Colorado and found his love of the outdoors through month-long summer camps as a kid. Today, he and his wife work with college students as outdoor guides in backpacking and rock climbing through Cru, a ministry for college students.

In this episode you will learn the importance of mentorship and the impact it has at all stages of life. Brad shares his passion of sharing the gospel in unconventional ways through rock climbing and backpacking.

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Identity Ep.5 | Ryan McSparran and The Great Outdoors

We’re glad to have you back today for a great episode of Uncharted as we continue with our Identity series. Today we have a life-long Mission Hills member, Ryan McSparran, who is an “outdoorsman” in every sense of the word. Ryan owns his own marketing company where he comes alongside Outfitters and elevates their digital platform. With an interesting perspective on how the natural and digital worlds meet, and what they mean to us as Christ-followers, Ryan walks us through a multitude of interesting topics. Listen in as Neil and Ryan talk about everything from stepping out on faith to being first-time dads.

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Identity Ep.4 | AJ Dudek and Navigating the River

Welcome back to our 4th episode of Identity here on Uncharted. Today we have a great guest, AJ Dudek. AJ is a midwest soul who spent a lot of time in Colorado exploring his faith, solidifying his love for Jesus, and trying to drain the rivers of all their fish. AJ has a wonderful perspective on discipleship and mentoring and we hope that you are both encouraged and impassioned to not only get outdoors and fall in love with God’s creation but also to crack your Bibles and fall in love with His Word. Tune in and get ready to take notes, AJ drops wisdom like it’s his job (which it kind of is). 

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Identity Ep.3 | Mike Petrelli and Dusting Off Your Bible

Welcome back as we continue our Identity series here on Uncharted. This series is all about how people have experienced sports, recreational activities, or the outdoors in a significant way and how it’s played a role in their faith and identity. We’re really excited as today, we sat down with a good friend of the Men’s Ministry here, Mike Petrelli. Mike currently splits time between being a husband, a father, and serving at Mission Hills Church on top of his full-time position of running the marketing department at The Club at Ravenna. Mike does an amazing job of walking us through what it was like transitioning from a life of baseball to a life devoted to Christ and the realizations he had along the way that lead him to where he is today. You don’t want to miss this one.

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Identity Ep.2 | Guy Beesley and Foundational Character

Welcome to the second episode of our Identity series here on Uncharted. This series is all about how people have experienced sports, recreational activities, or the outdoors in a significant way and how it’s played a role in their faith and identity. Today, we sat down with Guy Beesley. Guy is a Colorado native with a unique perspective on team sports, mentorship, the great outdoors and what goes into leadership. Listen in today as we talk about picking up hunting later in life, plugging into Church, baseball in Holland and a myriad of other topics that you for sure don’t want to miss.

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