Mailbag to Kick Off The Year


Hosted by Colin McFarland, Justin Adams, + Danny Oertli
w/ Special Guest(s) Chris Goble + Tyler Wells

Mailbag to Kick Off The Year

by Colin McFarland, Danny Oertli, + Justin Adams | Uncharted Season 6 Ep. 201


  • Favorite funny movies | 1:40
  • What podcasts are you listening to right now? | 4:35
  • Sharing your faith with your non-Christian friends | 11:31
  • How do you pick the setlist for the weekends? | 19:19
  • What is something about the hosts that would surprise people? | 25:01
  • How do you make sure you have “quiet time” in your life? | 29:46
  • How did God move at Mission Hills this year? | 36:19
  • Create your Totem Pole | 41:01
  • The Draft: 2007 w/ Chris Goble + Tyler Wells | 50:17

Instant Takeaways

1 | It’s all about Relationships

We harp on this all the time but it really is. Jesus didn’t come down to Earth to become a Ted Talk Celebrity, or a professor, or a talk show host. No, he came down and developed relationships and loved people where they are. Maybe you’re struggling with some of your non-Christian friends and how to share your faith with them. And a great answer is let them see it lived out through your life. Jesus calls to love those around us, right where they’re at. Through your actions, through your attitudes, how you treat your partners/kids/friends/coworkers, how you spend your free time, how you value you those around you. Be on mission by being a reflection of Jesus in your community and with your friends and family.

2 | Make Time To Listen

Don’t worry about how everyone else is doing their quiet time with our Father. Find what works for you! It doesn’t have to look like meditating every morning as the sun rises over individual verses. We encourage you to pour into time with your Creator, but do it in an engaging time for you. Listen to a devotional in your car on your commute or at the gym, spend time praying with your family to set an example for your kids, or read through a book of the Bible with your partner. We may not always want to carve out that time, or feel like we’re too busy for it, but it’s ALWAYS good for you. Don’t neglect it, but find your space that works for you. Connect with your Father, every day, in a way that is honoring and reflective to how He made you.


We are so pumped to kick off our newly formatted Uncharted with you guys here in 2022! We are passionate about making that first step into the unknown of manhood less daunting. And today, we’re answering your questions. We asked you to write in [uncharted@missionhills.org] and let us know what’s on your hearts and what’s going on in your lives: big and small. The guys talk about what they’re listening to, how to share The Gospel with friends who aren’t Christians (and may not want to hear about it from you at this point), what’s the tough points in marriage, and so much more.

This podcast is meant to be an open conversation and look into the lives of the hosts, who are in three different stages of life. Tune in and let us know what questions you have! Stick around for the end of the episodes as well as Tyler Wells and Chris Goble join Colin to do a social and pop-cultural peek into 2007 with their returning segment: The Draft.


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