Uncovering the Gospel in Galatians

EP. 3A | GALATIANS 3:1-14
Hosted by Neil Eukel with Special Guest Scott Wenig


  • Reading of Galatians 3:1-14 | 2:12
  • Faith in Christ and Christ alone | 5:39
  • Being pulled back into lifestyle choices that we’ve tried to shed | 9:53
  • It’s all about what God does for us, not what we can do for Him | 14:32
  • Simply Stated | We have to trust God | 19:12
  • Application pieces that we can all use, and that we all struggle with | 23:49
  • Trust Christ in every aspect of your life | 26:13


1 | Fight the Urge to ‘Prove It’

Scott and Neil have a really good discussion around one of the central themes of these passages here and that is this simple word: FAITH. Through Christ alone, we are saved, not by anything that we can do or prove to Him, that we are worthy. Relish in the fact that it’s His mercy and grace that we’re saved by, not by anything that we can do! Through relationship is how we all enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

2 | We are Loved

Scott has an amazing statement when he discussed the fact that we are a lot more sinful that we could ever imagine. But, we are loved more by our Father that we could ever possibly comprehend. As we push further and further into a deeper understand of who our Father is, and run passionately towards a relationship with Him, we see what that love truly looks like. 

3 | How We Spell ‘Christianity’

Scott has another awesome takeaway that is easy to grasp when it comes to the basis of a relationship with Christ versus the works of religions. He says that religion can be spelled “DO”, as in, what can I do to get better, or get closer, or dig deeper. I’ve got to do. On the other hand, Christianity is spelled “DONE”, as in Jesus has done it all for me, it was accomplished on the cross! In which, we respond in faith.


Welcome back to Uncharted as we dive into Chapter 3 in our Galatians Series, True or False. We’re really excited, today, we have Scott Wenig on the podcast. Scott and Neil know each other from Neil’s days at Denver Seminary and we can’t wait to bring you their conversation here. Listen in as Scott and Neil discuss what it means that Jesus “paid it in full” as well as other fundamental truths that Christians hold fast to. You don’t want to miss this one!


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