Uncovering the Gospel in Galatians

EP. 4B | GALATIANS 4:8-31
Hosted by Neil Eukel with Special Guest Justin Adams


  • Reading of Galatians 4:8-31 | 2:20
  • We are all adopted by our father, as sons and daughters | 3:31
  • Frustrations of a parent | 7:52
  • What’s vying for your attention? | 13:11
  • How the world persecutes believers and tries to knock us off-track | 17:52
  • Uphold the standards we’ve been taught | Grasp It! | 22:50
  • Don’t shrink back, instead, press forward | 25:24


1 | Adopted as Sons and Daughters

This is foundational to our faith, that God chose us from the beginning. Justin and Neil do a fantastic job breaking down God’s intrinsic love for us. Through the pursuit of the basic principals, laid down throughout this incredible letter by Paul, we have a blueprint for how to live as heirs to the Kingdom. We are no longer slaves, but free from sin!

2 | Pay Attention to your Attention

It happens every day. There are 1000 different platforms, voices, people and outlets vying for our attention. It’s easy to let our eyes stray from what’s important in life, and that is keeping them fixed on our Father. Each day we must be diligent about where our attention is being sucked to, what is trying to pull our eyes away from the finish line. Paul calls us to be strong!

3 | Don’t Go It Alone

Life is messy, we get it. But it wasn’t supposed to be this way. Connect to a gospel-centered community and discover how you can grow in your faith, become like Jesus, and join him on mission. We were designed to be in community, to develop and build relationships, and to do life with people. Both as a mentor, and as a mentee. Connect with those around you that are invested in helping you to grow your faith, every single day.


We are so excited to be closing out Chapter 4 in Galatians today with Justin Adams. Listen in as Neil and Justin discuss Paul’s letter to the Galatians. This chapter starts off with Paul stating that the Lord did not make us like the other elements on the Earth. He made us as His sons and daughters. In fact, we call Him Abba, which means Father, just as Jesus used to call Him. You don’t want to miss this one.


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