The church is not a building we come to, it’s a mission we choose to be part of. The weekly ministries of the church take hundreds of dedicated men and women serving in a variety of ways. We want everyone who calls Mission Hills their church to find a team to serve on.

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Day of Week

Category: Behind-the-Scenes, Care + Prayer, Operations, Women
Day(s): Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
Time: As Needed | 5 hours per week
Frequency: Weekly
Alongside is an international ministry of the Mission Hills Association, providing coaching and support for ministry wives. We have opportunities to serve in administration/tech and prayer.
Category: Behind-the-Scenes, Care + Prayer
Day(s): Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
Time: As Needed
Frequency: As Needed
The Apron Team comes alongside families who have experienced loss by providing receptions after funeral services.
Category: Behind-the-Scenes, Care + Prayer, Guest Services, Operations, Students
Day(s): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Time: As Needed
Frequency: Flexible
At the Life Center we want to teach you how to connect with and serve the needy in a safe space. We have a variety of programs and serving opportunities available.
Category: Behind-the-Scenes, Care + Prayer
Day(s): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Time: Flexible Times
Frequency: Weekly
We have two prayer teams that serve our church throughout the week: Mission Watch and Prayer Chain.
Category: Care + Prayer
Day(s): Saturday, Sunday
Time: Saturday 5 PM | Sunday 8 | 9:15 | 11 AM
Frequency: Weekly | Bi-Weekly | Monthly
We have two prayer teams that serve our church during weekend services: Prayer Response Team and Powerhouse Prayer Team.

Not sure where to get plugged in?

If you would like to serve at Mission Hills and don’t know where, we encourage you to attend an upcoming Discovering Mission Hills class to discover ways to serve with our different ministries. Click here to view upcoming classes.