Hosted by Kelly Meadows, Matt Winter, + Micah Harrison


by Kelly Meadows, Micah Harrison, Matt Winter | Bible Study Podcast Season 5 Ep. 2


  • Conversations in Community | 0:30
  • What God is doing in Matt’s life: Waiting on God without clear answers | 1:30
  • Adjusting to new rhythms | 4:30
  • Guarding/resetting your mindset | 6:30
  • Rest can look different in different seasons | 14:30
  • Identifying with the Psalms | 17:30
  • Reconnecting your relationship with the Lord | 22:01
  • God is faithful while we are fleeting | 23:10


Guarding/resetting your mindset

As we live in the world, there is so much input from “hollow and deceptive philosophies.” Taking time for prayer or being in the Word allows us to reset our minds back on God and guard against being infiltrated by unbiblical ideas and patterns of thought.

What does rest look like for you?

Rest can look different for different people. Do you need to sit or walk? Do you need to write in a journal that you keep or do you need to write on a napkin and throw it away? Is it reading or writing? Is it active or passive? Are you awake or asleep? What is restful can also change over time. What have been your restful patterns are how have they changed?

Identifying with the Psalms

As humans, we are often subject to the whims of our emotions. The Psalms contain almost every feeling under the sun and at the same time show God’s faithfulness and steadfastness throughout our wildly inconsistent emotions. Whether we are experiencing the highest mountaintop or the lowest valley, the Psalms have a way of speaking to us in our circumstances.


Today we continue our summer series having impromptu conversations about what God is doing in each of our lives. In this episode, Matt shares how he is leaning into finding rest and moments of calm with the Lord while there is so much uncertainty in his life right now. Micah and Kelly chime in and share what rest looks like for them. Rest can look different in each season of life or from person to person. How are you resting in God during this season in your life?


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