Welcome to Our Fall 2021 Study

The Underdogs: A Study of Jude, Philemon, Obadiah, 2nd + 3rd John

Hosted by Micah HArrison + Matt Winter


Meet Micah Harrison and Matt Winter, hosts of this semester of the Mission Hills Bible study podcast. We’re talking about WHAT and WHY we are studying this semester. As church staff, we get lots of questions about HOW to study the bible, so that is our focus this semester. It’s a different format than we’ve done before (we’ll be back to the usual format with Kristy and Kelly next semester).

Join us this season as we dive deep into the five shortest books of the Bible: Jude, Obadiah, Philemon, 2 John, 3 John. We are going to spend two episodes on each of these short books. Kelly and Kristy will be alternating joining the conversation each episode. Each episode will focus on a different tip or strategy for studying and interpreting the Bible. We’ll start with the longest book on this list (Jude at 461 words) and work our way down to the shortest (3 John at 219 words) so we can show you how rich your study of God’s word can be when you dive deep into a short book!


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