Philemon Pt.1

The Underdogs: A Study of Jude, Philemon, Obadiah, 2nd + 3rd John

Hosted by Micah Harrison + Matt Winter w/ Special Guest Kelly Brown


  • Potty training and reasons we are tired | 1:00
  • Historical background on Philemon | 6:04 
  • Paul’s balancing act of wording | 16:27
  • Unity throughout the book | 20:09
  • Koinonia Jumping into Greek Words | 27:17
  • Key Idea to track: Authority | 34:52
  • The heart behind Philemon’s passion | 37:17
  • How to Study the Bible”: How to Study in Greek | 43:50


1 | Culture of the Bible

We automatically jump into situations with the lens of our own culture and context. When we study, we need to take time to strip away our own culture and step into the biblical context. Only then will we be able to understand what the authors were trying to get across. It keeps us from making silly mistakes on deep truths.

2 | What is your next step?

Philemon is being encouraged by Paul to continue to expand on his love and generosity (even though he is already excelling in that area). At Mission Hills, we are continually reminded that this walk of joining Jesus on Mission is not something that is achieved one day, but instead an idea that we must constantly take active steps towards. What is your next step that you need to work towards?

3 | How to study Greek (without knowing Greek)

We live in incredible time. We have entire libraries at our fingertips with just a few keystrokes into Google. Don’t be sad that you don’t Greek! Even though it can be intimidating, there are plenty of resources that you can use to “go down the rabbit hole” as you look at different Greek words that jump out at you during your studies.



Take some time to read Philemon and then join us for our round one studying this book. We grapple with cultural differences, the idea of unity and perfect wording in the midst of hard and messy situations, and give a thorough background all while we are just a little tired. Paul pushes us to look at what the next steps of unity, love, and community look like in our own lives. Also, listen in to learn how interlinear bibles, Google, and some other resources will bring your word studies to life!


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