Obadiah Pt.1

The Underdogs: A Study of Jude, Philemon, Obadiah, 2nd + 3rd John

Hosted by Micah HArrison + Matt Winter w/ Special Guest Kristy Allen


  • What we do for fun| 1:21
  • Jumping into Obadiah | 10:10 
  • Be careful to not misinterpret | 15:13
  • Background of Edom | 16:48
  • God talks to Edom | 29:21
  • Cities in Edom | 32:06
  • God’s accusation | 41:15
  • Day of the Lord | 48:51
  • How to Study the Bible”: Easter Eggs | 55:40
  • Favorite Easter Eggs | 1:00:21
  • Let’s be practical | 1:09:21


1 | Background

When we see the history of the family relationship in the biblical context, this book becomes so much richer as we see how close Edom was to Israel and how disheartening sin against Israel was.

2 | Arrogance

Edom has created an incredibly fortified city and is understandably prideful in that fact. God shifts much of his focus on their attitude and quickly shows us that where we put our reliance is incredibly important to God.

3 | Easter Egg

The Bible is so incredibly rich. When we take time to view different passages through different lenses, we are able to see incredibly deep themes running throughout the passages of Scripture.


Obadiah is such an incredibly beautiful book, filled with all sorts of poetry and historical references. Join us as we view Obadiah through different lenses. Taking time to focus on the big ideas of the Day of the Lord, the attitude of arrogance, and the family relationship of Jacob and Esau.


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