Exciting News for Season 4

The Underdogs: A Study of Jude, Philemon, Obadiah, 2nd + 3rd John

Hosted by Kristy Allen, Kelly Brown, Micah HArrison, and Matt Winter


We are gearing up for Season 4 and we have some exciting changes we are announcing! We are combining the Mission Hills Men’s and Women’s Bible Study Podcasts into one channel! If you are already subscribed to this channel, then you are in the right place! New episodes will continue to be released here.

For the fall season of 2021, Matt Winter and Micah Harrison will be leading you through some smaller books of the Bible (Jude, 2nd and 3rd John, Philemon, and Obadiah). We are thrilled to be able to serve both audiences by letting you hear from more voices and perspectives. Matt and Micah’s episodes will start dropping in early October. Kelly Brown and Kristy Allen will be back in early 2022 going through Jen Wilkin’s God of Creation with you. In addition to the studies, we will have a new segment at the end of each podcast where a combination of us will be discussing ways to deepen your own study of the bible. As always you can find updates in our Facebook Group or on our Webpage. See you in October!


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