2 John pt.2

The Underdogs: A Study of Jude, Philemon, Obadiah, 2nd + 3rd John

Hosted by Micah Harrison + Matt Winter w/ Special Guest Kelly Brown + Kristy Allen


  • What we are obsessing about right now | 4:20
  • Another theory on “the Chosen Lady | 9:50 
  • Background. Who is John? | 13:00
  • Love God and Love Others. The beginning and root of the gospel | 17:15
  • Seeing people who are worthy because they are loved by God | 30:50
  • The tension between truth and love | 36:00
  • How to Study the Bible”: Reading with the Head and Heart (Logic and Emotion) | 41:15



“This is the command we have had from the beginning.” Love God and love others is a command from the beginning of the history of the nation of Israel, God’s chosen people. Leviticus 19:18 is the first time we have the words, but the 10 commandments in Exodus 20 can be summarize in this statement.

The root of the Gospel. Not only is it the beginning of God’s covenant with humankind, but it is the root of the gospel. Jesus coming to save humanity is the gospel made flesh.

Every person who walks in the door has been created by the God who loves them deeply. When we can see people from the perspective that God loves them and has made them in his image, the person is no longer just someone who needs help or who has made bad choices. Instead they become someone who is worthy of our love. Seeing their worth as someone created and deeply loved by God allows me to better love them, mourn with them, defend them, and help them overcome obstacles in their life..

2 | HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE: Reading with the Head and the Heart (Logic and Emotion)

We naturally lean toward reading the Bible on one side of this spectrum. One of the advantages of reading the Bible in community is that we get to benefit from people who read differently than us. Both are extremely important. We need to understand background and culture to read rightly, but if it doesn’t move our hearts and emotions and move us to action, we have missed the point.



Last time, we went verse by verse through 2 John. So this time we are swinging the pendulum the other way and flying by the seat of our pants. We focus on what stood out to us from John’s letter and how to apply it to our lives. We get kind of emotional talking about God’s love for people and seeing them in the light of being worthy of love because they are made in God’s image. But that doesn’t mean we just way yes to everything. I can love someone and tell them “no” because that is what is best for them. John highlights the healthy tension between love and truth. Lastly, Kristy and Kelly join us for a conversation about reading the Bible with both your head and your heart; both logic and emotion.


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