Coming into Focus

Week 4 – Breathe // Making Room for Sabbath

by Priscilla Shirer


  • Sabbath focuses our attention on God | 5:37
  • Sabbath fosters worship | 11:10
  • Sabbath is a statement about God’s sovereignty | 19:18
  • Sabbath & shalom | 32:14
  • Grace for the practice | 34:51


1 | Focus – Refocusing our attention to God to keep from marginalizing him.
2 | Worship – As we use our Sabbath to remember what God has accomplished this rolls into gratitude which swells into worship.
3 | We look at the specific progression of the creation story & what it reveals about God’s sovereignty.
4 | In our practice of Sabbath we start to experience the fullness God intended for Eden & look forward to when we will fully experience that rest for eternity.
5 | We aspire to a 24 hour Sabbath practice but have God’s grace for difficult seasons in our lives. So what’s your next step to experience God’s rest given your current capacity?


Summary: In our final study session week, we talk about how the Sabbath helps us to see God more clearly and how refocusing our attention on God keeps us from marginalizing God. In Genesis, we see that Sabbath is a statement about God’s sovereignty that has been set since the first 7 days of creation. As we seek to practice a grace-filled Sabbath it will foster worship, intimacy with our Savior & wholeness.

Sabbath Principle: Recall what God has accomplished on your behalf.

Scripture: Exodus 9:13, 16 and Isaiah 58:13-14


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