Double-Portion Friday

Week 3 – Breathe // Making Room for Sabbath

by Priscilla Shirer


  • Double Portion miracle on the 6th day | 7:18
  • The purpose of our freedom is to worship God | 14:12
  • The Sabbath Principle is to remember what you used to be | 16:43
  • Identifying scarcity | 21:35
  • Living from a place of generosity | 32:17


1 | Double Portion miracle on the 6th day. The Israelites didn’t have to work twice as hard to gather extra manna for the 7th day. God just provided more manna per square foot from the same amount of their energy. So we the Sabbath practice as breeding for miracles.
2 | As we leave room for God to move in our lives we witness his provision and the only response is worship. We were given freedom to worship God.
3 | Sabbath Principe is to remember what you used to be. For us that looks like remembering our previous slavery to sin and celebrating our freedom in Christ.
4 | We see that some of the Israelites were still acting like slaves and hoarding the manna. As we look to our own lives, we start to identify areas where we are acting out of a place of scarcity and not trusting in God’s goodness to us.
5 | The flip side, when we see the generosity of God, we can begin to live like free people and live in expectancy of God’s provision. And then we examine what it looks like to live from a place of generosity.


Summary: In Ex. 16 we see the Israelites experience the abundance of God in the double-portion miracle which allowed them to truly rest in his provision each week. This week we unpack how seeing God’s abundance in our lives and trusting in it moves us from a place of scarcity to a place of generosity.

Sabbath Principle: Remember what you used to be.

Scripture: Exodus 16:4-5, 17-26


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