Watch Care

Mission Hills Church is committed to a provisions ministry of assisting families and individuals in financial need. Financial assistance, when needed, is short term with consideration given to one’s ability to handle or manage his/her finances. Although it is the desire of the Church to help all families and individuals, insofar as funds are available to do so, extending financial assistance is based upon the following priority: (1) members; (2) regular attenders; (3) non-attenders; and (4) the community at large. It is the policy of the Church to discourage the giving of cash to recipients.

The Watchcare Fund is the means for providing such financial assistance. This is a special donor restricted fund whose primary source of funding is special offerings taken in association with monthly communion services.

Information related to and financial assistance requests for families and individuals may be initiated through adult congregations, small groups, or other ministries of the Church. The Watchcare questionnaire and budget form are required to receive assistance.

While meeting the physical and financial needs of families and individuals is central to the purpose of the Watchcare Fund, the spiritual needs of the recipient(s) are to be addressed in conjunction with disbursement of financial assistance. Pastoral and financial guidance as well professional counseling services are part of Watchcare process.