It’s a fact supported, defended, and explicitly recorded in the Bible, but how often do we forget that God is good? We may not consciously forget, but we may have some lingering doubts. Maybe if someone stopped you on the street and asked if you believed it, you’d consent, but does your life defend it? Most of us have seeds of doubt that God graciously wants to help us unearth. God will do his part to graciously give us what we need to move past them, but we can also help ourselves remember today that God is good.

Here are three small things you can do today to help your heart remember that God is good.

1 // Make a gratitude list

You can do this in your head as you drive to and from work or, you could start a notebook today so that you can look back on what you’ve been thankful for. In some hard seasons, you may only be able to think of two or three things you’re thankful for. That’s ok. Each offering of “thanks” to God will help you remind you that God is good and begin to grow your joy. In other seasons, you may have to stop yourself after a couple dozen or you’d continue forever. Either way, as you take the time to acknowledge good gifts that God has given you, you’ll become thankful for the Giver himself.

2 // Pray big prayers and record God’s answers

God hears our prayers and he will answer them according to his will. Take the time to write out a few things you’re asking the Lord for, whether for yourself or other people. Continue to pray with boldness and faith. God doesn’t always answer in the way we hope or expect, but we often find what he gives is a better gift than we could have imagined. By recording your prayers and going back to record God’s responses, you’re creating mileposts to help you remember that God is good.

3 // Give generously

This may seem counterintuitive, but by giving generously to others—whether through gifts of time, money, or service—we receive the gift of joining God in his work. As we learn how to give good gifts to others, we begin to understand that God often uses ordinary means to show his goodness to the world. The more you give, the more you will begin to understand the heart of God, which is immeasurably good.