In our society, we’ve developed a complex relationship with sex. We’ve both celebrated and diminished its significance, transforming it into a physical act when it’s actually more profound.

To fully grasp sex as God teaches it, we need to find a balanced perspective on what it is and how it should be experienced.

Hi, I’m Craig, and I’m here to tackle challenging questions with a Bible-driven perspective. Today, we’re diving into the question of whether premarital sex is a good or bad idea.

According to the Bible, God created sex, intending it to be cherished and enjoyed within the context of a lifelong, committed marriage between a man and a woman.

It’s crucial to recognize that God designed sex not only for experience but also for enjoyment. Sometimes, the church has unintentionally portrayed sex as something impure, but it is a gift from God meant for pleasure. Even the Bible includes the Song of Solomon, a book that vividly illustrates God’s intent for sex within the bounds of a loving marriage.


Sticky Situations

The problem arises when we take any good thing out of its intended context. Premarital sex is no exception. When we engage in sex outside of marriage, it becomes harmful. Sex is more than a mere physical act; it has a spiritual component. It’s like joining two pieces of paper together with adhesive — once they’re stuck, separating them damages both.

In contrast, our society often treats sex like a post-it note, easily removable and replaceable. However, in reality, it’s more like the adhesive on an envelope, creating a lasting connection. Engaging in sex with multiple partners before marriage can lead to emotional, physical, and relational consequences.

In the context of marriage, sex plays a vital role in bonding a husband and wife. The Apostle Paul even emphasizes the importance of not depriving each other of sex in marriage.


Dangerous Liaisons

Outside of marriage, sex can have several negative effects:

    • It’s considered a sin, as it goes against God’s intended purpose for sex, which is a rebellion against His plan.
    • It forms temporary bonds with multiple partners, diminishing individuals over time.
    • It fosters comparisons within marriage, potentially eroding contentment.

While God created sex as a beautiful gift to be enjoyed, it must be experienced within the boundaries of a lifelong, committed marriage. Engaging in sex outside of marriage can have various negative consequences, making it important to understand and respect God’s intentions.


Living Out Faith in a Fallen World

Now, some may wonder about the practicality of abstaining from sex for an extended period, especially considering the modern trend of delaying marriage. In the past, people married earlier, but today, the average age of marriage has significantly increased. So, how can individuals cope with the gap between their biological readiness for sex and marriage?

We must recognize that we’ve elevated sex to an unrealistic level of importance. God’s plan for those not in a committed lifelong marriage is abstinence. This may seem challenging due to biological urges and societal pressures, but we must reevaluate the significance we place on sex.

Perhaps we should also reconsider the timing of marriage itself. Waiting two decades to marry when we’re biologically ready for sex at a much younger age may not be the best approach. Earlier marriages could alleviate the struggle of prolonged abstinence, aligning with God’s intended purpose for sex within marriage.



We need to reevaluate our societal values concerning sex and marriage, acknowledging that sex is not the ultimate expression of humanity. By understanding God’s intentions and embracing the concept of chastity, we can navigate the gap between our biological readiness for sex and the timing of marriage.

For those who have engaged in premarital sex and are concerned about their past actions, remember that all sins are forgivable through Jesus Christ. God’s love and forgiveness are available to anyone who turns to Him in faith, regardless of their past choices.


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