As a church, we’re here to partner with you in parenting. We know that generous kids become generous adults, so we want to help you teach your kids how to love giving to and serving others.

Generous kids don’t happen by accident. As a parent, you have to make intentional choices to encourage selflessness in your kids. Sure, it can be easier or faster to just do it yourself—whether it’s volunteering or purchasing gifts for others. If you don’t involve your kids, you miss out on an opportunity to help build their character and remind them of what a generous God we love and serve.

These resources come from Parenting Cue, a division of an organization called Orange, which creates resources our kids ministry utilizes and recommends. Find some encouragement and new ideas to help you raise kids who become selfless and generous adults:

Don’t forget about our Unselfie Toy Drive August 25 & 26. It’s a perfect opportunity to put these ideas into practice!