Left Side, Strong Side

Uncharted Ep. 120

Hosted by Colin McFarland w/ special guest Chris Goble


  • Adam Sandler’s version | 4:23
  • That’s what a leader’s about; sacrifice | 12:11
  • I’ve seen you fight; I’ve seen you not quit | 18:37
  • Show me the money! | 26:10
  • Attitude reflects leadership, captain | 12:21
  • Miles and miles of heart | 42:04
  • Man of the Moment w/ Neil Eukel | 50:09

Instant Takeaways

1 | The Longest Yard (Adam Sandler version):: 2005
  • Redemption doesn’t always come in ways that we expect, but it’s still redemptive nonetheless. Maybe it doesn’t look exactly like we expected it too, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not still good (and maybe even better than we expected/deserved).
  • Your integrity is inspiring, regardless of the outcome. Regardless on if the outcome is perfect or not, we’re called to faithful obedience and we need to do the right thing when we’re called.
2 | Any Given Sunday:: 1999

Surround yourself with people that you can trust and lean on. When the person to your left, and the person to your right, are people that you know will get their job done, and support you to get yours done (whether that’s personally or professionally), we are at our best. Find those people, build that community.

3 | Friday Night Lights:: 2004

Other people’s expectations don’t have to become our objectives and goals. Our identity is rooted in Christ, and in Christ alone, so we shouldn’t be living for other people’s expectations and rooting ourselves in what they think. Look vertically for your identity, not horizantally.

4 | Jerry MaGuire:: 1996

People over profits. You invest in people, community, and relationships; that is our true calling. Don’t chase idols and dollars, chase becoming like Christ and joining Him on mission through emulating his characteristics and passion for people.


What you’re willing to get really uncomfortable for is what you actually believe in.

6 | The Replacements:: 2000

Tomorrow isn’t promised. Tell them you love them today, go on that trip, serve in your community… do it today.


Welcome back to Uncharted, the podcast that provides guidance in the unforeseen territories of men’s lives. Today we have a fun episode for you all, in honor of football season and fall being back and underway.

Back, for the very third time, although we can’t say by popular demand, is Chris Goble (our Group’s Director here at Mission Hills). Chris and Colin sit down and go through their favorite football movies today and pull out some of the life lessons that you can learn from them and apply to your own lives. Join us for this great episode on team building, growth, and trust. And stay tuned for our Man of the Moment Segment at the end of the episode, our last one with our friend Neil Eukel here in studio.


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