Uncharted Ep. 119

Hosted by Colin McFarland w/ special guest Nicholas Runyan


  • It shouldn’t be a taboo subject | 4:19
  • What to look for | 7:38
  • Be direct and ask the uncomfortable question | 12:21
  • Great resources | 19:19
  • The Draft: 1984 w/ Tyler Wells + Danny Oertli | 23:33

Instant Takeaways

1 | How to have the conversation

This is a great time to be direct. Don’t be afraid to come right out and ask, “Are you thinking about killing yourself?” If that feels too direct, you can ask, “You’re going through a lot… sometimes when people go through that much they have thoughts of killing themselves. Are you thinking about that?” If they says yes… prod further. This isn’t a time to beat around the bush, be there for them and see them for what they’re going through. Don’t be afraid to even ask,Have you thought about how you might kill yourself? (Pills, firearm, hang, etc)?” Then you in turn need to take inventory: Do they have access to those things? Could you offer to drive them to the hospital? Or maybe a crisis walk in center? Be direct and responsive.

2 | Know what the Red Flags Are
Here are some of the Red Flags to look for. If you see these, it is worth talking to them, alerting someone and start asking some questions:
  • Feelings or statements of hopelessness,
  • Rage, anger, seeking revenge,
  • Feeling trapped,
  • Increased alcohol or other drug use,
  • Withdrawal from others,
  • Anxiety, agitation, or sleep problems,
  • Dramatic mood changes,
  • Feelings or statements that reflect not having a reason to live or a sense of purpose,
  • Threatening to hurt or kill themselves.


Thanks for tuning into Uncharted, the podcast that provides guidance in the unforeseen territories of men’s lives. Today, we are honored to welcome back Nicholas Runyan to the podcast today for a very important episode. Nicholas has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. He also has experience working with co-occurring mental health and addiction disorders and is a Licensed Addiction Counselor.

Listen in as Nicholas and Colin dive into a little bit of an unpleasant, but important, topic: Suicide. Did you know that Colorado ranks 5th in the US in suicide mortality (in 2019 from CDC)? Nicholas talks through a couple of ways to recognize early signs, what those signs mean, and what we can do to intervene.

Also, stick around for our newest segment we’re introducing to the podcast called; The Draft. In this segment Tyler, Danny, and Colin will be giving you pop-cultural insight into 1984. Enjoy the chaos.


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