Modern Masculinity

Uncharted Ep. 117

Hosted by Colin McFarland w/ special guest Micah Harrison


  • Worship God through different ways | 2:14
  • The Fact that God made you male | 5:01
  • Marketing and Culture’s Role | 9:21
  • The Church should be proactive | 13:09
  • Jesus should be at the center | 18:56
  • Permission | 24:10
  • Rushmore: Cop Movies w/ Tyler Wells + Chris Goble | 33:37
1 | It’s Not About the ‘No’s’

When we focus in on the things that we can’t do, the message can get lost. When our focus, as we strive to become like Jesus and join Him on mission, if we focus on all of the ways that we’re not like him, and what we cannot due, it creates tunnel vision. Rather, focus in on the character of Jesus, hone his attributes in yourself, and use THAT as your platform to grow, achieve, and spread the Gospel.

2 | When you let Culture Drive

Instead of rooting your identity in Christ, and using that to pursue the fact that you are a male (or female), culture will dictate oh you can’t be this and you can’t do this. But the face is we worship and love a creative God, why would we limit what he can do with us? Micah and Colin make the point that we shouldn’t let marketing schemes and culture dictate what actions/items/hobbies/etc. make us male.

3 | The Church Should Start the Conversation

When we see an epidemic across multiple generations in men with absent father’s, sons not comfortable with expressing feelings, and various other toxic masculine traits, the church should drive the change here. If we’re to open up channels, and mentorship, and community which points men in the direction of Christ, and help them root their identity in Him, rather than what the world says what it means to be “a man”, we will be able to drive that change for the better and lead that conversation.


Welcome back to Uncharted. On the podcast today we’ve invited back Micah Harrison, the Director of the Life Center. Micah and his team over in North Littleton are doing amazing work for the community through their clients. Today, we want to address modern masculinity and how that relates to most church’s traditional views of manhood. Listen in as Colin and Micah discuss what should be at the center of our identities.

Lastly, stick around because we have Tyler, Colin, and Chris on to reveal their Rushmore of Cop Movies.


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