Summer Blockbusters

Uncharted Ep. 116

Hosted by Colin McFarland w/ special guest Chris Goble


  • What makes it a Summer Blockbuster? | 2:50
  • Top Gun | 7:00
  • Jurassic Park | 14:21
  • Terminator 2: Judgement Day | 22:45
  • Independence Day | 29:55
  • Speed | 35:41
  • Jaws | 44:01
  • The Summer Blockbuster Council | 53:51
  • Man of the Moment w/ Neil Eukel | 1:08:05

Instant Takeways


The 1 on 1 time with parents and kids is irreplaceable. And it’s what they remember most! More so than the family vacations, time with their friends, big birthday parties, etc. It’s the time you take out of your day and make sure that they feel valued, and all of your attention is on them and that relationship. This comes with maturation and reps put into place that will help you along the way. Wisdom and discernment play into this as well.

2 | Previous behavior is the best indication of future behavior

Colin: If you want to change the results, change the input. Since I have a 7-month-old, and life revolves around him, in the best way possible, I tackled this movie through my new (unrefined) “parenting lens”. Previous behavior is the best indication of future behavior and if you want to change the result, you have to change the input. When looking at my son, and seeing behaviors arise, I first look in the mirror and question what my input into the situation is, and if I don’t want him to continue reacting in the same way, how am I going to change the input? And visa versa, if, for positive things, I want him to react a certain way, and model things, what is my input into a situation going to be?

3 | People may forget the words you use with them, but they’ll never forget how you make them feel

People may forget the words you use specifically, their name, your name, places they’re from, interests, and the like. But, people will NEVER forget how you make them feel and they will always. Be kind and courteous to those around you and treat everyone with the respect that you want to be treated with, it’s a variation of “the Golden Rule” but I feel like more applicable.


Today, we have something special for you. Colin and Chris had such a good time with the pre-season baseball podcast we recorded before opening day, they’re back with some more movies for you. Listen in today as they talk about the summer blockbusters that shaped them as kids and young men and what impact that had on their lives. They discuss some absolute classics and then deep dive into the life lessons we can learn from these over-the-top, larger-than-life, cinematic experiences. If you didn’t think you could learn lasting lessons from Terminator 2: Judgement Day, well, they’d argue you’d be wrong.

Lastly, stick around for our last Man of the Moment Segment with Neil as a staff member here at Mission Hills Church, as he and Colin talk about who has been inspiring them lately.


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