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Uncharted Ep. 114

Hosted by Colin McFarland w/ special guest MIKE RUMAN


  • Go see the sea turtles in Maui | 1:21
  • Healthy Dads started at a YMCA in Colorado Springs, CO | 4:55
  • The Gospel in the face of adversity | 13:51
  • You’re wealthy if you have choices | 17:21
  • Explore, Learn, + Immerse | 29:09
  • Man of the Moment w/ Neil Eukel | 28:40


Mike talks about the 6 F’s of being a (realistic) healthy dad. Too often in our culture we Google, “Healthy Dads” and are inundated with 6-packs and unrealistic expectations. But who has a dietician, personal trainer, and 2-3 hours to spend at the gym every day? Mike has developed these pieces to set a groundwork to feel good and live a healthy lifestyle.


Everyone needs to have something that is bigger than themselves, something they are a part of. At Mission Hills, that’s becoming like Jesus and joining Him on mission! Mike talks about finding purpose and serving others, something we as dads need to get behind.


It all boils down to marriage and parenting here, and a Healthy Dad is present. A Healthy Dad cares and realizes he doesn’t have everything figured out, which is the key to all of this. We should be trying to learn and grow all the time. Be present with your marriage, be present for your kids.

3 | FUN

Don’t go overboard on any of these, some dads never spend time on their own from their family because of lies we believe that are rooted guilt. We need to have hobbies and pursuits that, “fill our buckets”. Because if we’re constantly pouring out, and we’re not doing things that pour back into us we will constantly be running on empty. This is also where FRIENDS come into play. We tend to think we’re Rambo and we can do it all on our own, but life is lonely without community. Find a group and spend time together doing things that you love. A Healthy Dad needs fun and friends.


Healthydads.com isn’t about 6-pack abs. A Healthy dad cares about what he looks like and cares about the time he puts into his fitness journey to stay in shape for real world activities. We want to be able to play with our kids and run after them without constantly being out of breath. A Healthy Dad wants to FEEL good by maintaining that fitness regimen that works for him. Consistency is key here, find what works for you! Biking is awesome. Walking and hiking are awesome. Just commit to what you’re going to do to stay healthy.

5 | FOOD

A Healthy Dad cares about what goes in to his body. The key here is also finding what works for you whether that be intermittent fasting, a strict regimen of healthy foods daily, or starting off with little substitutions like greek non-fat yogurt instead of sour cream on your family’s Taco Tuesdays. You don’t have to be on kale or quinoa every meal, just know what you’re putting in your body and caring about the ingredients that are going in. Treat your body well and put good things in there. Enjoy life order the pizza, maybe just stick with 3 slices instead of 7-8.


A Healthy Dad cares about his family’s finances and understands how they word. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to handle them, sometimes the wife is the best suited for that role, but just understanding what’s coming in and what’s going out can be critical. Do what works for your family whether that’s bringing in a financial coach or maybe taking a course together like Financial Peace University. In conjunction with that knowledge, a Healthy Dad is generous. We are called to be crazy generous and that reflection of Jesus, tied into the “First F” above, is what we’re called to do. Find an NGO, a non-profit, or your local church/ministry that you love and support and dive in with your finances.


Welcome to June guys, we made it! In honor of Father’s Day coming up next week we have Super Dad himself, Mike Ruman on with Colin to talk about what being a Healthy Dad looks like! Today Mike is going to set us up with some quick tools and the right mindset so you can get unstuck and get off that couch and run that 5k (or whatever your exercise goal is). Tune in and listen up as we go through some great takeaways for all dads, whether you’ve been one for 3 months, 30 years, or you’re planning your family now.

Lastly, after an awesome interview with Mike, stay tuned for Man of the Moment as we invite Neil Eukel back on the show to see how he and Colin have been inspired by lately. This one is awesome.


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