Young Adults in the Church + The Future of Ministry

Uncharted Ep. 111

Hosted by Colin McFarland w/ special guests AJ Dudek + JG Mottice


  • Discouraged by Young Adults programming | 3:17
  • The stage of development is invaluable | 7:18
  • An appreciation of mentoring | 13:46
  • The “wet cement” of leadership | 21:27
  • Ask young leaders to bring something other than napkins to the picnic | 23:29
  • Rushmore: Albums 2001 – Present Day w/ Danny, Tyler, and Justin | 29:41


1 | Build the Team First

JG makes an invaluable point that before you can get to where you want to go, you have to have the correct team in place. Make sure, that when starting towards your goals, you have the correct people in the correct seats on the bus. Not only do you have to have the right people on your team, you have to have them in the correct roles, doing what they’re gifted at, in order to achieve success.

2 | Don’t Be Divided

To often when looking at generational ministry we focus on what the differences we have are. Yes, it is important to acknowledge those, but, focusing on relationships stands the test of time. Build relationships, it’s what Jesus did.

3 | Be Open

God has a plan for how He want to use you, don’t caste your own beliefs and direction on His plan. Be open to suggestions and guidance, be open to being used in ways that you’ve never even imagined! If we step out of His way, He can do anything with us, and we’re invited in to that. An be patient! AJ makes a great point, it’s like growing an apple tree, not building an app.


Welcome back to Uncharted, we have an awesome episode for you today! Don’t let the term, “Young Adults” scare you off, we have something for everyone here. Listen in as Colin has on some great guests, AJ Dudek + JG Mottice, to talk about what intergenerational ministry can look like, the future of what evangelism and discipleship could look like with shifting generational and cultural views, as well as some great leadership and mentor advice. Stick around at the end of the episode as well as Danny, Tyler, and Justin take you through Pt.2 of our Albums Rushmore from 2001 – Present Day.


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