For the Parent of a New Middle Schooler

So your son or daughter is graduating the fifth grade. Maybe this is your first child to reach this age – maybe it’s your fifth. Regardless, they’re hitting a whole new stage of life. You might be be feeling totally overwhelmed, or maybe you’re feeling prepared but just looking for some additional resources. As the staff at Mission Hills, we want to come alongside you and walk with you in this journey in whatever way we can. Our Middle School staff has compiled just a few of the resources we think would be helpful to you as the parent of a new middle school student.

Students entering Middle School are entering an important developmental phase – they are beginning to strongly define themselves outside the home for the first time. They are looking for groups and peers to identify with. They explore developing opinions in a new way. It’s a wild and new world – and it can also cause a lot of tension. Connecting with a Middle School student can be tricky, and might require you to change the way you interact with your child. Additionally, navigating the modern world of cellphones, internet, and social media is complicated! All of these new territories can leave even the most prepared of us feeling overwhelmed. Below are just a few resources that we think are helpful.

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11 Digital Dangers Hiding in Plain Sight

Parents Guide to Giving the First Cell Phone

There are tons more resources over at Middle School Resources, check them out!