Involve ALL of Who You Are With all of Who God Is

Anchor + Waves Ep. 120

Hosted by Stacy Ludwig w/ special guest Crystal Boecker


  • Getting to know Crystal Boecker | 2:21
  • Connection between the body, spirit, and soul | 15:51
  • How do we encounter the spirit intimately when we are uncomfortable with our bodies? | 20:00
  • What is pilates? | 24:43
  • How do we incorporate pilates with prayer? | 29:01
  • True spiritual wellness | 33:44
  • Prayer and movement exercise | 39:10
  • I’m Diggin’ It w/ Kelly McSparran | 55:02
  • Closing + Prayer | 1:02:13


1 | There is a connection between body, spirit, and soul 

We tend to separate our bodies from our spiritual experience. We ignore our bodies at best and at worst we punish or loathe it. | Listen in at 15:51

2 | When you are uncomfortable with your body, there are steps you can take to encounter the spirit intimately

Take little steps. Experience the scriptures through imagination, Use small body movements like breathing or posturing, find ways to get out of your mind only and incorporate your body. A bigger step would be to meet with a professional to have some one on one training. | Listen in at 20:00

3 | Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates during World War II 

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates during World War II at a prisoner of war camp in England, to help his patients rehabilitate. It focuses on the core and complete body development. | Listen in at 24:43

4 | Spiritual wellness is growing in intimacy with God

Bringing all of who you are, body, sould , and mind to all of who he is. We cannot exclude the body, but rather embracing them as a way to grow in God. Just bring it! | Listen in at 33:44

“The glory of God is man fully alive.” – Irenaeus

5 | Connecting your body with how you relate with the Lord is a journey

Just start where you are, without shame, punishment, or indifference. | Listen in at 55:31

6 | We are spirits having a human experience

We are spirits having a human experience, and your personal human experience is in your specific body for a reason. Connecting the two can help you have the full and abundant life. | Listen in at 54:09


Join Stacy as she visits with her special guest, Crystal Boecker, who is a certified spiritual director. Crystal serves with Global Services Network providing spiritual direction and formation services for those serving in ministries around the globe. She is also a certified pilates instructor and locally leads prayer and pilates retreats. Get to know Crystal a little bit as she then shares how she leads others into making healthy connections between the body and spirit. It will be a time to reevaluate how you view your body.

We will delve into ideas like punishing our body versus appreciating the gift that it is. Viewing our body as the house of the Holy Spirit, and involving our body in prayer and meditation of scriptures. With the idea of involving all of who we are to really experience all of who God is; in order to take our relationship with him to a deeper place.


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