Spirit: The Deeper Connection

Anchor + Waves Ep. 119

Hosted by Stacy Ludwig w/ special guest Brooke Gage


  • How do we categorize our spirit?| 5:40
  • Why do we have this spirit? | 11:09
  • Our efforts can only take us so far | 13:50
  • We are consumers | 16:09
  • What does the Bible say about the spirit? | 21:29
  • Is there any science behind the spirit? | 27:32
  • Healthy practices to connect, engage, and strengthen the spirit | 33:48
  • Just My Type | #2 w/ Kara Sudduth | 38:50
  • Closing + Prayer | 57:09


1 | Why do we have this spirit? 

We get to a point where we recognize we are sinful and need a deeper rescue, one that we cannot do on our own. If we only focus on emotions, thoughts, and body we are trying to rescue ourselves from something. We cannot do it on our own. This is why we need Jesus. And when we recognize our need to be rescued, we are given the spirit. Then the spirit comes in and begins to change our soul. Then that in turn begins to change our bodies.

2 | Our efforts can only take us so far

Even when we have done all the right things to have healthy minds, emotions, and bodies, that can only take us so far. When cannot heal our spirit on our own. When the Holy Spirit comes in, it can change our thought patterns. It can bring in joy and peace that cannot come from anywhere else.

3 | We are consumers of every sensory thing

So much so that we cannot quiet ourselves. God knew we would need rest to be reminded He is our God. We need to rest from producing, needing to prove something, and from consuming. He is our provider, He is our sustainer. The sabbath can be refreshing and can lead you to an intimacy with God.

4 | What does the Bible say about the Spirit?

In John 14 Jesus describes what the spirit is and what it will do for the disciples. He is their helper, their comforter, their counselor, the one that will remind them of all things; and prays for us when we cannot (Rom 8). Gal 5 talks about being led by the spirit and what it produces in us.

5 | Healthy practices to connect, engage, and strengthen your spirit
  • Quiet your mind. Stop and do breathing exercises and movements, then pray.
  • Engage all your senses to worship God. Savor God’s goodness.
  • Pray protection around those times.
  • Spend time in God’s word.
6 | Everything else will fall short

If you want the deepest parts of you to change, only God can do it. He talks to you and reminds you and reinforces that you belong to him, your identity is in Him. Those are things that are deep and lasting and eternal. Everything else you pursue here on earth, even if it is good in nature, is always going to be temporary, and will fall short. It is designed that way, so that we are pointed to God. Who never falls short and is everlasting.


Join Stacy as she welcomes back Biblical Counselor Brooke Gage, to talk about this big broad topic of spiritual health. Brooke will explain how the body, soul, and spirit are all connected. She will also tackle questions like, what is the spirit, why do we have this spirit, why do we need to tend to it, and how do we keep it healthy? You will walk away with some great answers along with some spiritual practices that you can put into practice immediately.


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