How to handle tough emotions

Anchor + Waves Ep. 118

Hosted by Stacy Ludwig w/ special guest Brooke Gage


  • Emotions are a part of our human experience | 7:25
  • When we are not tending our emotions we are reacting | 9:05
  • God created every part of us and it is valued | 13:34
  • The science behind emotions | 24:50
  • How to handle tough emotions | 28:28
  • Important to tend to positive emotions as well | 49:08
  • Turn do high emotions, without turning them off | 1:02:58
  • Just My Type | #7 w/ Producer Colin McFarland | 1:10:27
  • Closing + Prayer | 1:32:30


1 | Emotions are part of our human experience

God intentionally designed them, and if we are intentional with them we can experience a sweeter relationship with God and others. | Listen in at 7:25

2 | When we are not tending our emotions we are reacting

When we are tending our emotions we respond. When we react we regret it. | Listen in at 9:05

3 | The Bible validates emotions and the importance of tending them

Psalm 139 says He created every part of me and it is valued. In Romans 2:8 It says, “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” We cannot bring peace to a situation if we are not tending to what is going on inside of us. | Listen in at 13:34

4 | One of the biggest ways we can stop loneliness and isolation is when we just start with one other person who we can process our emotions with

Being there with no judgement, no solutions, and with validation and grace. | Listen in at 21:23

5 | It takes courage and intentionality to tend to our tough emotions

Courage to face the uncomfortable emotions. It is an opportunity to invite God into the healing and possibly even eventually become the wounded healer. It takes courage to face what your emotions show you. They show what you value, what you are worshiping, your insecurities, your longings; then you have the opportunity to recess. | Listen in at 28:28

6 | It is important to tend to the positive emotions as well

Then it can help you be more self aware and help self regulate by bringing in joy. You can even create a  life giving list. You can also see what may be stealing joy, and eliminate that from your consumption. | Listen in at 49:08

7 | You can just turn down the high emotions a little bit, without turning them off

ou can also always pause and come back. Take a breath and bring in Jesus. Turning emotions off is not tending to them, but when they are too high, we cannot properly process them either.


Welcome back to Anchor + Waves, a podcast for all women in all walks of life. In today’s episode, we have our own Brooke Gage back on to talk about tough emotions. This is going to be a fun, and trying, look at overwhelming emotions and how to handle them! We’re going to give our emotions our full attention today, and it’s going to be great.

And we’re also excited to bring you another “Just My Type” segment with our very own producer, Colin McFarland. Listen in as we learn about Enneagram 7’s with Matt and Kristy.


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