What Am I Stuck?

Anchor + Waves Ep. 116

Hosted by Stacy Ludwig


  • 5 Ways We Gt Stuck | 1:00
  • We get stuck in survival mode | 2:20
  • We get stuck with physical challenges | 4:28
  • We get stuck in the sweet spot | 5:38
  • We get stuck in fear or being too comfortable | 6:38
  • We get stuck by the influence of others | 8:19
  • Four good questions to ask a mentee | 59:50
  • “Just My Type” 4: w/ Kaete Morgan | 10:06
  • Closing + Prayer | 11:53


1 | We get stuck in survival mode

As much as we might not want to be “that person,” we have to realize we are created to need community. There are so many resources that can be available to us. Letting go of pride or embarrassment or whatever it is keeping you from asking for help, may be the very steps needed in moving forward, and enjoying rich community. | Listen in at 2:20

2 | We get stuck with physical challenges

Fellowship with others can play a strong role in healing. Again, we have to be willing to ask for help and be specific in what we need from someone, and trust the mutual benefit. It is one of the many beauties of being in the body of Christ. | Listen in at 4:28

3 | We get stuck in the sweet spot

During the down times, or the sweet spots in life, we should relish them, but also use it as a time of healing from the past and preparation for the hard times to come. Building up relationships, immersing ourselves in the scriptures, and being in communication with God. | Listen in at 5:38

4 | We get stuck in fear or being too comfortable

We want to be the superstar without all the practice. It just doesn’t work that way.  We have to let go of the fear, trust God, and find the motivation or accountability to require us to do the work needed to move forward on our journey, to accomplish the good work God has designed for us. | Listen in at 6:48

5 | We get stuck by the influence of others

We should not make others feel guilty or uncomfortable for things we are convicted to change. In the same token we should not allow our convictions to be stifled for the comfort of others. We should graciously focus on the work we need to do. | Listen in at 8:19


As we have been learning about self care and engaging in healthy community, we are at a halfway point in the year. The perfect time to take a pause and figure out if we are able to apply the things we have been learning. If we can’t, it is because we are stuck? We can get all the advice and training from the most experienced individuals in their fields, but if we are stuck, we can’t apply what we learned and move forward. Join Stacy as she discusses five different ways we get stuck. We need these times of pause to be reminded that we need God, we need others, and we might also need to make some changes.


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