Will You Answer the Invitation of Community?

Anchor + Waves Ep. 111

Hosted by Stacy Ludwig w/ Special Guest Heather Greenwood


  • The history of how Graceful Community Cafe came to be | 2:17
  • What is different about Graceful Cafe | 20:40
  • You have to be ok with the messy | 24:01
  • Boundaries must be in place | 33:45
  • The great pivot of 2020 | 48:55
  • Lost thoughts on Community | 1:03:58
  • Closing + Prayer | 1:12:12


1 | Community is beautiful and enriching but you have to be ok with the uncomfortable

Being ok with the messy, the hard, and the uncomfortable is not easy, but it is essential and beneficial if true community is what you seek. | Listen in at 24:01

2 | Everyone’s story is equaL

Food is the beautiful medium that we can use to facilitate the conversions that build community. We do this by not necessarily serving, but sitting together across the table and sharing our stories. This can be done even in the context of families in our homes. It is in this environment of acceptance and vulnerability that deep relationships and connection are built. | Listen in at 28:05

3 | Boundaries have to be in place

There is hard in everyone’s life, it just manifests itself differently. Step into that hard, don’t shy away from it. Then be the voice of accountability, of trust, of welcome, and it is hard to blend all three of these things, but it is possible. A peaceful place comes with boundaries. | Listen in at 33:55

4 | Be willing to listen and open to learn

Ask yourself what your core values are, and then keep yourself focused on them, while listening to others with a heart to hear and learn. Invest the time to learn the stories of those around you. You won’t always agree, but you will be enriched. | Listen in at 40:00


What does it look like to have a healthy community? What are some of the main elements for a healthy community? Block out some time and join Stacy and she talks with Heather Greenwood owner Gracefull Community Cafe in Littleton, Colorado, about the ectopic of community. They will discuss what went into the birth of the idea, what went into building that community, and what the community did for Graceful during quarantine and Covid restrictions. It is an amazing story of a heart, dreams, planning, God’s provision, hard work, and sowing the seeds, and reaping the rewards of community. Listen and be encouraged.


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