Introduction to Care Ministry

Anchor + Waves Ep. 110

Hosted by Stacy Ludwig w/ Special Guests Brooke Gage + Lynne Schlottman


  • Introduction to the care ministry | 5:10
  • What is Biblical Counseling? | 6:22
  • How the medical side fits into Biblical Counseling | 18:29
  • Future topics | 37:47
  • More authenticity moving into 2021 | 46:23
  • Closing + Prayer | 49:00


1 | Our beliefs drive our actions or reactions

It is out of our beliefs that is really driving us as to how we are coping and how we approach God or even not approach God. And Biblical Counseling gets to the heart of what we believE. | Listen in at 6:22

2 | Biblical Counseling takes all aspects into consideration

We take all the parts, to the way God made us, into consideration. So we are going to hone in on the spiritual side but we are not going to negate the other sides in the process. It is a min, body, soul approach. | Listen in at 10:05

3 | Sometimes organic or chemical issues have to be dealt with first

Sometimes when something organic or chemical is out of balance, and your brain is not functioning right, then you can’t even process helpful information. So you have to examine that aspect first, in order to move forward. | Listen in at 18:29

4 | It’s time to seek help for healing or acknowledging idles

Current events have just exacerbated existing problems in all of us. We are finally reaching our thresholds. Now is the time to work and seek help. | Listen in at 33:17


Topics we hope to cover in future episodes:

  • Dealing with emotions.
  • How to examine why we respond like we do.
  • Practical tools to process life, like boundaries and self regulation.
  • Taking your mind captive.

Listen in at 37:47


Join Stacy as she talks with Lead Biblical Care Counselor, Lynne Schlottman and Biblical Care Counselor, Brooke Gage as they explain what the Care Ministry here at Mission Hills Church has to offer, and delve into what Biblical Counseling is and what it is not. Moving forward, once a month they are going to have different guests from the Care Ministry sharing their knowledge on various topics that will be practical tools for us to deal with the difficult and ordinary struggles of life. Because life has been a struggle for so many this past year, and that is what Anchor and Waves is all about. In the calm and the storm, finding the anchor, and we don’t have to do it alone. So, join us.


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