Childhood + Personal Abilities = Nontraditional Calling

Anchor + Waves Ep. 107

Hosted by Stacy Ludwig w/ Special Guest BECKY GLAZE


  • A little bit about Becky Glaze, a Safer Beauty and Healthy Living Educator | 3:01
  • Background spiritual upbringing and how it tied into wellness | 8:58
  • Transitioning from family wellness community to independent college life | 14:09
  • The gift of “the art of research” applied to her spiritual walk and relationships | 21:01
  • How she is currently guiding her children in their faith walk | 30:16
  • Moving forward with her calling in spite of feeling like it was moving backwards | 36:09
  • How to be unapologetic about the things you feel called to do | 53:40
  • Leading Ladies w/ Becky Glaze | 57:13


1 | The importance of community, as a way to serve and love others in an authentic and organic way

Becky’s unique childhood of an eccentric community centered on health and wellness and a common faith, provided two gifts. The gift of discipline and the importance of community, how to seek it, and how to provide it. | Listen in at 8:58

2 | We can trust God is preparing us now, for what is to come

As Becky transitioned from her wellness community into college life, it was a becoming. She was learning what she was capable of, as she examined the religion she grew up with and her current relationship personally to God himself. | Listen in at 14:09

3 | Best way to guide children to God is to be a living example

Living out her faith in tangible ways is how Becky is an example to her kids on how to life out the gospel. By showing her kids how to love the people in their community. Leading her kids in conversational prayers is also a priority, along with some great devotionals, like “Foundations,” by Ruth Chou Simons. | Listen in at 30:16

4 | During the mess and the hard stuff, that’s when some teaching is happening

During the time of healing and intentionality, Becky began a journey of respecting the season she was in as a parent and a business owner. This began the practice of progress not perfection, as we re-center our hearts and our homes. | Listen in at 36:09

5 | Progress before perfection

During one the hardest times of Becky’s life was when she lost her younger brother. This when she learned to embrace the mess. This is when she knew some big shifts were coming and she wanted to pay attention and learn. | Listen in at 42:59

6 | How to be unapologetic about the things that you feel called to do

We each have so much to give and offer individually, and we do ourselves and our community a disservice when we don’t lean into our strengths. So often we silence ethos for fear of how it will be received, because of self-doubt, or we want to blend in. | Listen in at 53:40


We are going to delve into the conversion of nontraditional callings. Becky Glaze, a Safer Beauty and Healthy Living Educator, is joining us to share her story of how she came to live out her unique calling on her life. As a child of Medical Missionaries, she learned early on in life the importance of taking care of your body and your spirit. After leaving home she learned how she was gifted in the world of business. But it wasn’t until after she shifted careers, and was walking through a very tough season in her life, that her two worlds came together and her calling became clear. Now she lives her life as a woman on a mission to educate anyone who will listen and love on everyone that crosses her path. Listen now as we have some fun and hear some truth.


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