Iceland Can Be Beautiful

Anchor + Waves Ep. 104

Hosted by Stacy Ludwig w/ Special Guest Erin Nelson


  • Erin’s Background | 4:29
  • The teen years – a perfect storm | 8:04
  • After turning to God, it was not all neat and tidy | 19:15
  • Painting a Picture | 32:55
  • Before the door shut | 37:02
  • Just My Type | 19:15
  • Jesus the Good Shepherd in John 10:11-15 | 1:13:46


1 | It’s Not Always Neat and Tidy

After turning to God, it was not all neat and tidy. Her faith of “doing good + God’s blessing = good/easy life” was challenged. She was in survival mode. Asked herself the question, “is God still good in the mist of pain and suffering?” In that time, God’s pursuit was like provision.
32:55 Erin shares an analogy, painting a picture of how in the hard things, if you are trusting in the Lord, there are some really beautiful things that you would have missed. Iceland really is quite beautiful.

2 | Blessing and Reprieve

She had a time of blessing and reprieve before the door shut. Asked herself the question,

“Can I see suffering as a time of purifying and recreating, or will I let it be a place where I harden my heart?”


Come join me as I visit with my dear friend, Erin Nelson, as she shares the journey of God’s pursuit of her heart. It is a story of God’s provision, protection, and the love and grace of others. She questions rule-based faith and the belief that following God’s rules means He will bless you, and then you will have a happy easy life. She will answer the question is God still good in the midst of pain and suffering? Through her transparency we discuss the realness of being angry and disappointed in God, and wrestle with the big question, can I see suffering as a time of purifying and recreating or will I harden my heart? We get real, and we still manage to have some laughs. Stick around after the interview to meet the hosts of a new segment, Just My Type.


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