Part 4 | Worlds of Tragedy and Hope

Hosted by Sharon Sands with Special Guest Kristi Mitchell


  • Addressing a family in need and crisis | 2:12
  • Walking along with a family that’s experiencing tragedy | 8:06
  • Mothering through times of hardship and chaos | 14:31
  • Finding God through the areas of life that we love, and the gifts He’s given us  | 33:27
  • Don’t be afraid to “get in the boat” with people | 37:29
  • When we start to questions the “Why?” | 44:41
  • He’s always right there with us, in the midst of it all | 52:31


1 | temporary versus eternal

Kristi does an amazing job of talking about this as her family was going through the cancer treatments that her son was receiving. She says that mothering her son through these tough times was easy because everything that was happening was temporary. God worked in the midst of their pain and suffering to bring peace and stillness to souls longing for rest. When we focus on our Father in Heaven, and the eternity that we have with Him, it helps us to understand pieces of our journey here on Earth. 

2 | WHY?

This is a question that haunted Kristi’s family amongst the myriad of tragedy that was overwhelming her family. It’s probably a question that you’ve repeatedly asked yourself the in the midst of your own hardship and tragedy, and we love Kristi’s outlook here. She says that we may never know the “why”, and that’s consistent with God’s teachings. He has great plans for us, much beyond what we can understand and we can’t limit our own situations to our own understand. Kristi states that what helped them was asking, “what is next” or “what does God have for me next”. It’s a questions that asks to be a part of what He has for us, and lets us hold on to hope for the future. 

3 | Run to the Lord

Kristi has wonderful perspective on handling life in the midst of storms. She tells us to run to the Lord in the midst of the storms in your life, and to hold on as tight as you can (through faith). And He will bring you through it. He’s going to be right there for us, and promises us that He will not give us more than we can handle! Run to Him, as fast as you can. 


We’re glad to have you back for our fourth installment in our Motherhood series, all about emphasizing the stories from Motherhood. We believe behind every mom is a story, and we can’t wait for you to hear Kristi Mitchell’s. Today’s story is something that not even the best Hollywood scriptwriters could have put together.

The highs were so high and you can really feel yourself in the depths of this story. And, above all, God worked in the midst of everything to weave the pieces together. Worlds of tragedy and hope collide as Sharon and Kristi discuss everything from what it’s like to mourn to what joys it brings your heart to celebrate. You don’t want to miss this one.


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