Life on Mission

Ep.5 | An Authentic Global Experience

Hosted by Sharon Sands with Special Guest Danni Hauer


  • Danni’s first leap of faith lead to Haiti | 2:12
  • A call to adventure and a change of scenery and home Minnesota to Colorado | 6:21
  • Chaos and beauty | 11:52
  • Don’t believe the lies of the enemy | 18:01
  • He instills an overwhelming peace in us | 24:12
  • Don’t miss out on who He’s called you to be | 27:02
  • Take your first step | 2019 Global Experience | 32:15
  • If He calls you, He will provide | 37:31


1 | He Provides

If He is calling you, He will give you the courage and resources you need to step out and achieve what you’re called to. So often we can get lost in the fear of logistics and resources, but time and time again He promises that if He calls us to something, He will lead us through it (and provide for us). We just have to take that first step out in faith.

2 | Lies About Ourselves

God designed us in His image and He loves us. But, the enemy seeks to destroy us and tries to work in lies into the nooks and crannies of our self-images to take us down. But, when we give in to those lies, we miss out on what God truly has in store for us! Fight the lies.

3 | Teach and Transform

God loves to see us become who He has designed us to be. He wants us to grow and flourish into our true identities in Christ, and we often see the biggest “growth-spurts” when we step out in faith. For Danni, her short-term trips proved to be her biggest seasons of growth and maturity. How are you pursuing opportunities of growth and transformation in your life? Are you keeping your eyes and hearts open for opportunities to be taught?


Welcome back to Anchor + Waves! We are sorry that we’ve been on hiatus but we’ve been busy setting up Bible Studies and small groups for over 1000+ women here at Mission Hills Church this fall– praise Jesus! Not of that would be possible without us becoming more like Him, and joining Him on mission. Speaking of mission, today we return to our Life on Mission series with our very own Danni Hauer. Listen in today as Danni shares with us how her trips, across the globe, have brought her closer to Jesus. Stick around until the end as well as we preview our 2019 Global Experience here at Mission Hills! You won’t want to miss this one.


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