Trees in the Forest of Leadership

Ep.1 | Leading When You Have a Title

Hosted by Neil Eukel with Special Guest Andy Limes


  • Getting to know Andy | 0:35
  • The power of servant leadership | Mark 10:44 | 4:00
  • Do you play well with others in the sand box? | 7:48
  • It’s all about connecting with people  | 8:22
  • How and why to delegate  | 10:02
  • Daniel’s rise to leadership in the Old Testament | 16:22
  • The Golden Rule is still important | 17:08
  • It all comes down to servant leadership | 19:05


1 | Whoever wants to lead must be “servant of all”

As a Christian leader, Jesus gives us clear direction in Mark 10:44. Whoever is to lead well, serves well. In this podcast, Andy gives great examples about why and how a successful leader continually looks out for the interests of others, rather than focusing on their own self-interest.

“And whoever wants to be first must be slave of all.” | Mark 10:44

2 | How to delegate and not get caught in the “tyranny of the urgent”

As the saying goes, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” Teaching and delegation take time and trust, but learning why and how to delegate is key to great leadership.

3 | Lead well by connecting and collaborating

Do you play well with others? Great leaders are excellent at connecting with others relationally, bringing others along on the journey and collaborating with others to figure out how everyone can win.


Welcome to the first episode in our new series, Trees in the Forest of Leadership. Today we have Andy Limes, CEO of SDR Ventures, an elder here at Mission Hills Church. Listen in today as he dives into “How to Lead When You Have a Title”. You don’t want to miss Neil and Andy unpack how servant leadership while focusing on how connecting and collaboration are keys to developing into a great leader.


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