It’s well known that kids ask all types of questions as they grow and experience the world. You may spend most of your day answering those questions. And most of the time you will know exactly how to answer them.

Some questions are simple, and they are answered quickly. But there are those moments where you get the opportunity to talk about the things that truly matter. It can seem overwhelming as they relate to spiritual things though.

Being the spiritual leader in your family is the most important role you get to play, but when these questions arise you may ask yourself, “Where do I start?”

So, let’s talk about baptism.



What is Baptism?

Baptism is a visual picture of a decision to follow Jesus. It comes after salvation.

Our Lord Jesus was baptized by being immersed in water to represent his death, burial and resurrection.

He did it as an act of obedience and to show us the importance of baptism by setting an example for us.

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ the new creation has come; the old is gone and the new is here.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

Baptism does not wash away our sins, it represents our new life in Christ.


Does Baptism make you a Christian?

Baptism does not make you a Christian. The term Christian means “follower of Christ.”

Choosing to follow Jesus and be a disciple of all nations makes you a Christian, and water baptism is a step of obedience.

Having faith in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and then getting baptized does not mean that you will never sin again. Jesus’ death covered all sin. You should ask Jesus to forgive you, but you don’t need to be saved and baptized again.

If the topic of baptism comes up before you know they have accepted Jesus this is a great time to talk about salvation. A few questions you can ask are:

Who is Jesus? What did he do for you?

If they are unsure here is a way to explain salvation:

  • God created you and he knows you. (Psalm 139:13)
  • Sin is anything we do or say that goes against what God wants, everyone has sinned. (Romans 3:23 + 6:23)
  • God sent Jesus to take the punishment for our sins. Jesus came to earth and lived a perfect life. (John 10:10-11)
  • To follow Jesus, you need to acknowledge that you have messed up, you have sinned. You need to tell God that you are sorry. (Romans 10:9-10)
  • Jesus came to earth and lived a perfect life; He died on the cross to pay for the sins of anyone who would believe in him. The great news is Jesus didn’t stay dead, He rose again to show that he is God and that He conquered sin and death, and that makes a way for us to have eternal life with him. (John 3:16)

God, I know that I have done things that are wrong. I have sinned against you, and I am sorry. I know that you love me and sent Jesus to die for me, and you brought him back to life. Come into my life, and make me brand new. I choose to follow you, Jesus. Amen.


Why should I get baptized?

Jesus set the example for us when he was baptized by John the Baptist. It signifies the beginning of His ministry and identifies Jesus as the Rescuer. When we get baptized, it tells everyone that we follow Jesus.

“We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.” Romans 6:4

“…having been buried with him in baptism, in which you were also raised with him through your faith in the working of God, who raised him from the dead.” Colossians 2:12


When should I get baptized?

Your choice to be baptized should be because you are showing your obedience to God. It shouldn’t be done because someone tells you to do it, or your friends are doing it, it is your decision and it is truly about you telling everyone that you love and follow Jesus.



Take the time to let your kids ask questions, and try not to take over the conversation. The goal is to let them own their faith, and this is the next step in their journey.

When the time comes and they are ready, celebrate together and with everyone who will be a strong Christian influence in their life.

Then, be there for the next big, or small, questions as they learn more about Jesus and grow in their faith.


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