5 Prayers for Independence Day

Independence Day is a great time to spend with family and friends, celebrating the freedom God has given Americans to live and worship him without persecution.

As we celebrate these freedoms it can be hard to remember that there are many places around the world that don’t have this freedom. Here are five prayers to pray for our country and our fellow Christians around the world as we celebrate the gifts God has given us.

1 | Pray for our leaders.

Take time to pray for our President, Representatives, and Senators as they lead and legislate our country in the coming year. Their positions are not easy to be in, and they constantly juggle difficult questions with life altering consequences. Pray for their wisdom as they face the future.

2 | Pray for the countries we currently fight against in war.

Pray that there will be peace and safety for those engaged in battle both fighting with us and against us. Every soldier has people who love them and every casualty impacts someone. Take the time to lift up both our own military and those they fight against, and ask God to bring peace and healing.

3 | Pray for the Christians facing persecution.

In America it’s very easy to forget how dangerous it can be to be a Christian elsewhere. We have the privilege of openly going to church on the weekends and we have ample access to Bibles. That’s not the case in many countries in the world, and our brothers and sisters in persecuted churches face a lot of danger in their pursuit of God. Take a moment to lift them up to God, thanking God for those believers and for the work he is doing around the world.

4 | Pray for America.

Regardless of your political views, our country can always be lifted up and offered to God. America is blessed with many resources that the world needs. Pray for our trading with other countries and pray that our country would not be too proud to receive help when it is offered by others in the face of tragedy.

5 | Thank God for our freedom.

It is easy to take freedom for granted when living in a place where it’s not at risk of being taken away. Reflect on some of the ways you can see God’s protection of our freedom and ask him for guidance in how to better use our freedom to impact the world for his kingdom.

We hope you have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!



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